Inside a cancer stem cell researcher’s toolbox: Xenotransplantation

Author: Sara M. Nolte, 08/19/14

> In previous posts, I have alluded to the fact that studying cancer in a dish (in vitro) is not optimal (here and here). Today, I give you the next essential tool in a cancer stem cell (CSC) researcher’s toolbox: xenotransplantation. Xenotransplantation is an impressive mouthful that simply means the transplantation of living cells, tissues,…Read more

Update from the Clinic: July

Author: Mark Curtis, 08/18/14

. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of July. The cancer stem cell companies were back in the news last month. OncoMed initiated its ALPINE clinical trial of Tarextumab for pancreatic cancer, while Stemline Therapeutics announced an investigational new drug (IND) for SL-401 and initiation of clinical trials in two blood…Read more

Right Turn: The creative process

Author: Lisa Willemse, 08/15/14

I’m starting this post with an image that more or less sums up my life over the past two weeks, which has been rather intensely focused on creativity. This was the second time I traveled to Banff to be part of the Science Communications program at the Banff Centre, a very worthwhile sojourn for scientists…Read more

Regenerative Medicine Deal Review: July

Author: Mark Curtis, 08/11/14

. Welcome to your deal review for the month of July. There was financing activity this past month as StemCells and Fate Therapeutics each secured $20 million in funding. Bluebird bio was busy with the acquisition of a privately-held genome editing company; clearly a strategic move to strengthen its gene therapy pipeline. Sernova was in…Read more

Right Turn: All about regeneration – navigating fact and fiction

Author: Erin Sugar, 08/08/14

. The following scene from Family Guy offers a glimpse into both the tone and subject matter of this week’s Right Turn. Being an avid lover of superheroes, monsters and all things supernatural, the topic of healing and limb regeneration has always been a subject I find vastly exciting. If you’re having trouble understanding what…Read more

Gene editing technique makes disease study almost as easy as flipping a switch

Author: Holly Wobma, 08/05/14

> Imagine you are about to interview someone, and rather than receiving a full reference letter, your candidate is described with but a single word. Do you think you’d get the whole picture? Of course you wouldn’t, but depending on the word chosen, you could make a decision. For example, “disorganized” or “unreliable” seem like…Read more

Stifling Science?

Author: Stacey Johnson, 07/29/14

  On June 18, 2014, I walked into the enormous, blue lit plenary hall of the Vancouver Convention Centre excited to hear Canada’s own Janet Rossant give the opening remarks for ISSCR’s Presidential Symposium. I glanced up at the information screens and read, to my dismay, “no live tweeting from the conference.” So what’s a…Read more

Right Turn: Stem Cell Diabetes Treatment Looking Sweet

Author: Stacey Johnson, 07/25/14

. It’s nice to end the week on a happy note. For a company like CCRM that commercializes regenerative medicine products and therapies, the news that ViaCyte, a company based in San Diego, California, has applied to the FDA to start clinical trials for its Type 1 diabetes treatment is good news for the industry….Read more

Highlights from The Business of Regenerative Medicine Course

Author: Mark Curtis, 07/21/14

. The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) just finished hosting the 7th annual Business of Regenerative Medicine course here in Toronto, which saw many notable figures in the space come to weigh-in on a number of critical issues relevant to commercialization in the world of regenerative medicine and cell therapy (RM).   The…Read more

Right Turn: Nailed it! The making of a stem cell exhibit

Author: Lisa Willemse, 07/18/14

A few months ago, I mentioned that we were involved in the creation of a traveling science exhibit with a number of great partners, and introduced one of the fictional characters, the “Regenerator”, who will be appearing as one of our stem cell superheroes. A lot has happened in the three months, and the exhibit,…Read more