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New findings may help premature infants breathe easier

Author: Stem Cell Network, 11/27/09

For infants born prematurely, lung and brain illnesses can have severe and long-term health effects. According to the US National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, about one in three infants born with birth weights below two pounds will be diagnosed with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), a lung disease characterized by poor lung development. A study now…Read more

Winners of 2009 Cells I See art contest

Author: Stem Cell Network, 11/20/09

For the second consecutive year, the Stem Cell Network has run an art contest for investigators and investigators in training who are working on Network funded research projects. The contest showcases amazing imagery and art inspired by stem cells. Submissions to the 2008 contest were printed on publications both in Canada and internationally. Have a…Read more

Annual Meeting Deconstructed

Author: Stem Cell Network, 11/12/09

As an insider it is often difficult to have an objective viewpoint on the success of a meeting. You work hard to pull together a solid agenda – one that balances good scientific presentations, information on best practices in knowledge translation and non-scientific perspectives with networking opportunities. But when you get it right, you know….Read more