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Integrating stem cell technologies into health care: It’s time to get our priorities straight

Author: Ubaka Ogbogu, 04/27/11

While preparing a consulting report on ethical issues associated with priority setting (a.k.a. resource allocation, rationing) in the stem cell research context, I was surprised to find that there are no published Canadian studies of priority-setting matters pertaining specifically to stem cell research or stem cell-based technologies. A search of the Canadian Institutes of Health…Read more

Pre-emptive stem cell banking in high-risk individuals: Should Japan’s nuclear workers have their stem cells stored?

Author: David Kent, 04/19/11

A few weeks back, The Guardian reported on a proposal by Japanese doctors and scientists that would see the blood cells of Japanese nuclear clean-up workers banked as a precaution against possible exposure to radiation during the clean-up of the Fukishima power plant. The idea would be to harvest and store their blood cells[1] and, should the…Read more

Reconstructing tissues using fat stem cells and the thin line between clinical and cosmetic needs

Author: Michelle Ly, 04/12/11

Reconstructive surgery plays an important role in recovery from disease and injury by attempting to restore function or appearance to the body. While the use of synthetic materials is commonplace, the ability to replace or reconstruct using the same tissues from elsewhere in the body is desirable because it would eliminate many issues that occur…Read more

Using stem cells in developmental disorder research

Author: Stem Cell Network, 04/05/11

Every two hours, someone is born with Rett Syndrome (RTT), a developmental disorder seen almost always in girls, but occasionally in boys. Those with the disease usually develop normally until they reach 12-18 months, at which point development stops and oftentimes is reversed, causing previously developed skills to deteriorate. RTT is typically placed under the…Read more