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iPSCs: A tool for understanding ‘A Beautiful Mind’?

Author: Angela C. H. McDonald, 05/31/11

A young brilliant mathematician seen by his colleagues as agitated, socially withdrawn, emotionally flat and paranoid is approached by a Department of Defense agent who requests his assistance with code breaking. Following acceptance of this job, the young professor believes he is being followed and is eventually chased through his university campus, captured and sedated….Read more

Pull your heads out of the sand: Young scientists need to be policy aware

Author: David Kent, 05/19/11

In an article I wrote last month on Nature magazine’s “The Future of the PhD” series, I highlighted a thought from Steven Running (Forest Ecologist extraordinaire) who compared today’s PhD student to those going through the system with him in the 1970s: “The modern PhD student needs to be much more policy aware, because society has many…Read more

Stem cell technology development gets cold shoulder from European Advocate General

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 05/17/11

Protecting inventions arising from publicly funded research is a polarizing issue for many scientists and the general public. One perspective views all the fruits of publicly-funded research as public domain, while another believes that same knowledge must be turned into products by entrepreneurship and private sector investment. It’s a tricky dilemma with no clear answer….Read more

Science 2.0: Time to throw open the laboratory doors?

Author: Michelle Ly, 05/11/11

Almost three years ago, Scientific American asked if we were entering an age of Science 2.0.  Would science now be conducted in the open access realm –- freely publishing data, drafts and even whole papers? The economic cost of academic publishing has long been considered unsustainable. As well, the lack of freely accessible papers and…Read more

Researchers hit the bull’s EYE

Author: Angela C. H. McDonald, 05/05/11

Generating complex organ tissue from pluripotent stem cells is a major challenge in the field of regenerative medicine. Significant progress has been made in directing pluripotent stem cells to differentiate into specific cell types however; there have been few examples of the successful production of organ tissue in vitro. Last month, a group of researchers…Read more

Controversial stem cell clinic closed

Author: Stem Cell Network, 05/04/11

One of the largest and most controversial stem cell clinics in the western world has closed. The XCell-Center at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, based in Germany, ceased operations on April 21, due to what the Center claims is “a new development in German law”. In October 2010, the UK’s Daily Telegraph reported that the…Read more

US Appeal Court reinstates Obama’s funding policy on stem cell research

Author: Ubaka Ogbogu, 05/02/11

A few months ago I wrote about a temporary injunction (ban) issued by United States federal district court judge Royce C. Lamberth on federal funding for research on human embryonic stem cell lines derived from supernumerary IVF embryos. Subsequently, at the request of the federal government, a U.S. appeal court suspended the injunction pending a…Read more