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Entrepreneurial scientists: Moving from being outliers to everyday researchers

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 06/30/11

Success in a research career is solely defined by ones ability to churn out great academic papers, right? Don’t be so sure. It’s true that successful research careers can be launched with a Science or Nature paper, but many skills other than purely academic ones are increasingly being recognized as important. On this blog, David…Read more

Stem cells as superheroes

Author: Stem Cell Network, 06/24/11

They wear capes and can fly. In a parody of the classic comic book, stem cells have become today’s superheroes — as portrayed in an engaging short video created by the Ontario Science Centre to promote its current stem cell exhibition. Quirky, but scientifically accurate, the video gives children and youth a quick summary of…Read more

View from the floor: ISSCR final day

Author: Ben Paylor, 06/21/11

The final day of the 9th annual ISSCR meeting was truly a memorable one, with several excellent talks and touching moments. An incredibly moving presentation by Charles Sabine in the morning stands out, and I fear my description will not do it justice. For many, I expect his talk was the highlight of the entire…Read more

View from the floor: ISSCR day 3

Author: Ben Paylor, 06/18/11

Shinya Yamanaka, vice president of the ISSCR, soon-to-be McEwen Centre Award for Innovation recipient, and a leader in the field of iPS cell generation, opened day three of the 2011 ISSCR conference with a presentation titled “Induction of Pluripotency by Defined Factors”. The main hall was surprisingly crowded at 9:00 am given the somewhat rowdy Junior Investigator Night…Read more

View from the floor: ISSCR day 2

Author: Ben Paylor, 06/17/11

Although elsewhere in Canada there are some very troubling consequences arising from a group not living up to their potential (I refer to the rioting hooligans and not the Canucks), the realization of potential happening here at the ISSCR couldn’t be more different. There is a great sense of excitement and buzz surrounding the wide…Read more

View from the floor: ISSCR day one

Author: Ben Paylor, 06/15/11

With the ISSCR fully underway, Toronto is currently playing host to a who’s who of the international stem cell community. Each day I will give a brief glimpse into what is going on, summarizing some of the talks at the conference. Things got started on Tuesday evening with a Stem Cell Network sponsored public symposium…Read more

Fifty years

Author: Stem Cell Network, 06/14/11

In the scientific world, 50 years can be an eternity. Consider the fruit fly or certain cells – organisms whose lifespan is counted in hours or days. Or, it can be the blink of an eye when compared to the progression of an ice flow, for instance. In the field of stem cells, 50 years…Read more

Science communications: everybody’s doing it

Author: Ben Paylor, 06/08/11

Science and the way it is distributed are changing. One of the principle forces driving this change is the very media through which you read these words. The Internet. Not only can you find an answer to almost any simple question you post, now there are thousands of people pushing their thoughts and preferences on…Read more