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The skinny on stem cells and weight loss

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 09/29/11

by Paul Krzyzanowski Many people have a few pounds they’d like to get rid of and over the years numerous diets and supplements have hit the market to help those with little time or inclination to develop their own weight management plan. One of the more controversial diet fads resurfaced in a dramatic way last…Read more

Should the fight against bogus stem cell therapies be turned back to the lab?

Author: Lisa Willemse, 09/21/11

This morning’s news scan turned up yet another sad tale about the dangers of unproven stem cell therapies and a warning to consumers to once again be skeptical of the claims made by the many unscrupulous clinics operating abroad. For the most part, the article echoes repeated calls made on this blog and numerous other…Read more

The quest for eternal youth: Atwood v. Smith

Author: David Kent, 09/14/11

by David Kent A prize-winning author sits down in an Edinburgh pub across from a world famous stem cell biologist. Together they begin to ponder mankind’s desire for eternal youth. Though it may sound like the first lines of a joke, it is the opening scene of a documentary film, supported by the UK’s Wellcome…Read more

A researcher’s guide to stem cell ethics

Author: Stem Cell Network, 09/08/11

While ethical considerations can sometimes appear to take a back seat to lab results within the world of research, they are an integral part of any successful project -– or project proposal. Stem cell research is no exception –- in fact, given the vibrant and, at times, controversial history of this field, stem cell research…Read more

Lasting memories of a pancreatic beta cell

Author: Angela C. H. McDonald, 09/02/11

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have great memories. They can remember whether they started out as a skin fibroblast, a blood cell or a pancreatic beta cell. Following reprogramming, iPSCs retain epigenetic (DNA packaging) signatures typical of their somatic cell type of origin (reviewed in a previous blog post). This phenomenon, known as ‘epigenetic memory,’…Read more