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Finding the positive in the hype about stem cells

Author: Nick Dragojlovic, 12/20/12

“Stem Cells Make Aging Mice Young Again” – ABC News  “’Factor X’ — Have we finally found the fountain of youth?” – Fox News  “Stem cells, the secret to eternal youth?” – Headlines like these are all too common and underscore how the news media’s coverage of regenerative medicine tends to focus on the…Read more

Cell therapy industry 2027: The increasing (but not necessarily stifling) scope of regulation

Author: David Brindley, 12/18/12

Some words have the ability to induce instant and unexplained anxiety. In developing industries, such as cell therapy, one such example is regulation – of any sort. Crudely, our negative perception of regulation can be attributed to two factors: an aversion to both ‘red tape’ and uncertainty. In reality, regulation (when appropriately devised and implemented)…Read more

How to “micro” manage your injured heart

Author: Holly Wobma, 12/12/12

When we accidentally burn ourselves while cooking or nick our fingers on a piece of paper, most of us experience a fleeting moment of irritation but never worry that the wound won’t heal. Our everyday lives have taught us that skin is a tissue with great regenerative capability. Unfortunately, the merits of self-healing seem to…Read more