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Cell therapy industry 2027: Lone ranger or team player?

Author: David Brindley, 01/16/13

claimtoken-510012802486f This post was initially intended to be a short vignette (not so short, as it turns out) exploring whether or not the Cell Therapy Industry 2027 required a vade mecum – a single point of reference for all practitioners. It was prompted by a conversation with London’s chirpiest cabbie who offered an extraordinarily pithy…Read more

Awakening in Toronto

Author: Lisa Willemse, 01/14/13

We’ve posted several times in the past on exhibits and events where stem cells feature not just as a subject of scientific study, but as works of art. In this we are not alone — in addition to our own Cells I See art contest, shows at the Ontario Science Centre and the critically-acclaimed Perceptions…Read more

Rejuvenation therapy for our aging T-cells (and what it may mean to cancer treatment)

Author: Holly Wobma, 01/10/13

It is said that with age comes “wisdom”; however, I often think that “exhaustion” might serve as a reasonable substitute. As we deal with life’s stresses, and new hairs sprout of snowy white hues, it is hard not to think of our younger days of freedom and vitality. If I could anthropomorphize a cell, I…Read more

Innovation without protection is philanthropy

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 01/08/13

This year, your household will pay $360 for the use of Intellectual Property (IP) held by people and corporations outside of Canada. For a little less than a dollar a day, you’re supporting industries like biotechnology, high-tech electronics, and engineering in other countries. Two policy think-tanks believe it’s time for Canadians to flip that balance…Read more