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Stem cell pseudoscience in the courts?

Author: Ubaka Ogbogu, 02/26/13

Patients contemplating medical travel for the purpose of receiving scientifically unproven stem cell treatments may wish to consider one more potential side effect: the possibility of losing their eligibility for health status-related compensation and benefits. In May 2012, a United States appeal court affirmed an earlier New York district court decision to deny disability and…Read more

State politics and the stem cell policy environment in the United States

Author: Nick Dragojlovic, 02/20/13

– The regenerative medicine community greeted last month’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the legality of the Obama Administration’s stem cell policy with relief. The court found that federal funding of human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research is consistent with existing statutes, such as the Dickey-Wicker Amendment. The principal implication of this…Read more

High stakes: Unpublished research brings big profits and huge losses – to insider traders

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 02/14/13

– Nature kicked off 2013 with an unsettling article about how privileged information from research studies is being used to garner gigantic returns for investors, large and small. It’s not surprising, considering that one of the most egregious cases of so called academic information being used for insider trading of stock in public companies, Elan…Read more

Biomaterial gels: Some surprising uses for water

Author: Roshan Yoganathan, 02/12/13

Only in the fictional land of Oz does water cause witches to melt. In the real world, water is essential to life and a valuable resource. Scientifically known as H2O, it is used to irrigate crops and even to enlarge/swell biomaterial gels (more on that later). As a biomaterials scientist, I’m particularly interested in the…Read more

Managing energy during hibernation: Stem cell metabolome profiling

Author: David Kent, 02/08/13

Previous posts from Angela and Michelle will have alerted readers to the importance of where a stem cell resides in the body. The stem cell niche is a complicated environment and one of the most challenging things for blood stem cell biologists to decipher is how “dormant” stem cells manage their energy in such an…Read more

Gaining ground on losing pounds: How a little more fat might help combat the obesity crisis

Author: Holly Wobma, 02/05/13

. I am, admittedly, the least ambitious type of gym-goer. I don’t train for marathons. I don’t try to body-build – the bar is set pretty low (and, incidentally, also the resistance!). All I want to accomplish is to get rid of some of my “extra skin” and replace it with muscle. Because let’s face…Read more