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Right Turn: stem cell comic relief

Author: Lisa Willemse, 03/29/13

Last week we launched a new feature — Right Turn — to showcase the “lighter” side of regenerative medicine. Every Friday, we will be bringing you cartoons, photos, videos and other content that may be just as thought provoking as the written submissions that you are used to finding here, but they definitely won’t be…Read more

Master debaters have bone (marrow) to pick at StemCellTalks Toronto

Author: Stacey Johnson, 03/27/13

I’ve always had an interest in the science of bone marrow transplants, ever since my nephew, Simon, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia at the age of two.  Although it was a traumatic time for his parents and extended family, the story has a happy ending. His four-year-old brother was a bone marrow match and the…Read more

Lego® and biomaterials: the building blocks of life

Author: Patrick Blit, 03/26/13

When I was a child, I would sit on my living room floor playing with my Lego set for hours on end. I recall building police cars, giant spaceships and all kinds of other amazing structures. My weekend mornings always began the same way: I would dump my box of Legos onto the floor and…Read more

Right Turn: our new Friday feature

Author: Stacey Johnson, 03/22/13

Signals Blog has given itself the green light to try something different. We’re launching a brand new feature, to appear on Fridays, which will showcase the “lighter” side of regenerative medicine. We will be bringing you cartoons, photos, videos and other content that may be just as thought provoking as the written submissions that you…Read more

Clinical trials: a valid or fallacious metric of industry progress?

Author: David Brindley, 03/19/13

. Part 5 in Cell Therapy Industry 2027 series  A short time ago, I had the immense pleasure of driving through the Napa Valley bathed in a warm pastel sunset. The view was accompanied by a two-chord soundtrack: the reassuring chinking of several bottles of the region’s finest and an American radio show discussing scientific…Read more

Update: $600M insider trading fine is largest ever

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 03/16/13

. As a follow up to last month’s post describing how leaked information about an Alzheimer’s drug clinical trial led to the largest ever case of insider trading and destroyed the careers of Dr. Sidney Gilman, a well-respected clinician, and Matthew Martoma, a young stock trader, the Securities and Exchange Commission has just levied the…Read more

BioTime: A new Geron, without a decade of baggage

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 03/13/13

Avid watchers of the stem cell and regenerative medicine market have no doubt heard of Geron selling its stem cell assets to BioTime. Nature covered it in some detail last month, and the transaction itself follows a Letter of Intent announced last November, which valued it at approximately $71 million. The transaction leaves Geron to…Read more

How many facilities? Centralized vs. decentralized manufacture

Author: Natasha Davie, 03/05/13

When it comes to the cell therapy commercialization crunch there are some fundamental questions that need to be answered. Is your product going to be frozen or fresh? How will the product be administered? What is your dosing strategy? And the one that I’m going to focus on in this blog: Will your manufacturing strategy…Read more