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Cancer stem cells – because sex sells (and specificity doesn’t)

Author: Sara M. Nolte, 07/30/13

. We know that success in research is dependent on public interest and funding, among a great many other things. Public interest helps drive long-term support, but to get that interest you need to generate excitement. So how do you excite people – many of whom are non-scientists – about scientific research? How about sex…Read more

Right Turn: Innovation you can sink your teeth into

Author: Stacey Johnson, 07/26/13

. Culinary connoisseurs prep your palettes for the world’s first stem cell burger tasting to be held in London, England, on August 5. Dr. Mark Post, a Dutch scientist from the University of Maastricht, is the man behind the meat. The hamburger is over five years in the making, due to the need to fine-tune…Read more

Science Idol: Could regenerative medicine R&D be crowdfunded?

Author: Nick Dragojlovic, 07/23/13

Would you use/support crowdfunding for research? Take the survey at the end of this post. . Biomedical research is expensive, and existing sources of funding often fall short. Profitable business models for the development of cell-based therapies are still being worked out, so investment in regenerative medicine start-ups can be difficult to secure. Foundations and…Read more

Right Turn: Cord Blood Awareness Month

Author: Guest, 07/19/13

. July is Cord Blood Awareness Month, an internationally recognized campaign that helps mothers, families, physicians, and researchers learn more about cord blood and cord blood banking. Cord blood is the blood left over in the umbilical cord immediately following the birth of a newborn baby and is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells….Read more

Stem cell-induced mechanotransduction: Now that’s music to my ears

Author: Holly Wobma, 07/16/13

. It’s probably safe to say that we all have some sort of genetic risk factor that runs in our families. For some its diabetes. For others it’s heart disease. For my family, it is mild hearing loss. In trying to make light of this, I sometimes tell myself, “Well, hey, at least when your…Read more

Right Turn: 30th anniversary of ‘Stem Cell Rapper’

Author: Stacey Johnson, 07/12/13

. Jonathan Garlick, a professor at Tufts University near Boston, has been helping students connect to science through original rap lyrics that he composes and sings in class. Professor Garlick says rapping curriculum “immediately creates a common language that didn’t exist before.” ( Apparently he finds it quite simple too. “All the words rhyme with…Read more

From Japan with love: Cell therapy intellectual property prospects

Author: David Brindley, 07/09/13

. At the close of ISSCR2013, I left Boston bathed in an ochre sunset, and settled on a plane to reflect on what my most unexpected learning had been. My plane was bound not for home (London), but for Istanbul, where the TERMIS meeting was about to begin. As far as I’m aware, the last…Read more

Right Turn: This (liver) bud’s for you

Author: Lisa Willemse, 07/05/13

. It was announced this week that a team of Japanese researchers had successfully restored liver function in mice using liver buds composed of human stem cells. Although preliminary, the researchers are optimistic that this technique could one day lead to a treatment for patients with liver failure. Not to diminish this extraordinary work, but…Read more

Stem cell detective work: How George Daley uncovers iPS cells’ secrets

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 07/03/13

George Daley (File photo) Immediately after last month’s ISSCR meeting, George Daley travelled to the University of Toronto where he had been invited to be an external reviewer on a PhD thesis defense. While there, Daley spoke to a packed audience interested in what he had to say about cell differentiation. In Boston just days…Read more