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Right Turn: A lesson in blood development

Author: Peter Raaymakers, 02/27/15

Hematopoiesis is a long word, but in essence it describes a pretty straight-forward concept: The formation of our blood system, including all of its components. It’s a multi-step process beginning with stem cells and ending with mature, specialized ones like red blood cells, white blood cells, lymphocytes and others. I won’t go into great detail…Read more

Regenerative Medicine Deal Review: January

Author: Mark Curtis, 02/23/15

. Welcome to your deal review for the month of January. There was a mixed bag of news last month, which included financing activity, industry partnerships and research collaborations. The cell therapy tools industry was front and centre as NeoStem and Invetech struck up a deal to develop a closed, automated cell manufacturing unit for…Read more

Right Turn: Why Janet Rossant is optimistic about the future of regenerative medicine

Author: Stacey Johnson, 02/20/15

. If you haven’t heard the name Janet Rossant, my guess is that you aren’t part of the stem cell community or you spend a little too much time in the lab. Dr. Rossant is Chief of Research at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada and she leads the new Ontario Institute for…Read more

Update from the clinic: January

Author: Mark Curtis, 02/19/15

. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of January. Pluristem and OncoMed reported preliminary efficacy data from early-stage trials, while the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted a number of Orphan Drug Designations for various cancer indications being developed by OncoMed, Stemline Therapeutics, and Kite…Read more

The dermal cup, home to the elusive dermal stem cell

Author: Mark Curtis, 02/17/15

> The scientific community has long sought to uncover the identity of a true dermal stem cell. While many unique cell populations have been described in the literature, some of which are predictive of a dermal stem cell, the exact location and behavior of this cell has largely eluded us. In a landmark paper published…Read more

Right Turn: My bloody valentine (a new StemCellShort video)

Author: Lisa Willemse, 02/13/15

> The blood stem cell (or hematopoietic stem cell as it’s known in scientific parlance) was the first stem cell to be identified, which makes it a bit of a celebrity, as stem cells go. Here in Canada, we like to think of Drs. James Till and Ernest McCulloch, who made that initial discovery in…Read more

Reflections on the Stem Cell Network Part 2: Building a broad talent base

Author: David Kent, 02/09/15

> This article is the second in a series about the human capital created by the Network of Centre of Excellence known as the Stem Cell Network (SCN), which was created in 2001, will wind down the majority of it’s activities this year. The first article focused on the trainees turned academic group leader, but…Read more

Right Turn: Cross my heart

Author: Stacey Johnson, 02/06/15

. In 2012, Deborah Lieu from the University of California, Davis was granted $1.3 million by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to develop pacemaking cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells (HiPSCs) to replace electronic pacemakers. I first wrote about this in Keeping pace with stem cell technology. With Valentine’s Day just a…Read more

Reflections on the Stem Cell Network Part 1: Establishing the next generation of stem cell academics

Author: David Kent, 02/02/15

> As many of our readers are aware, the Network of Centre of Excellence known as the Stem Cell Network (SCN), which was created in 2001, will wind down the majority of it’s activities this year. I have been a trainee/alumnus since the start of my PhD in 2003 and have therefore spent my entire…Read more