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Ethical and legal questions important in moving stem cell therapies to clinic

Author: Michael Rudnicki, 12/11/09

iPS cells give us an unprecedented opportunity to create patient- and disease-specific cells. Labs around the world have demonstrated that iPS cells can generate disease-specific cells for illnesses such as muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s and type 1 diabetes, among many others. Generating these specific cell cultures is greatly advancing stem cell research by allowing researchers to…Read more

New Canadian-Californian investment in stem cell research aims to improve cancer treatments

Author: Michael Rudnicki, 10/28/09

I am excited to learn of today’s announcement that two large-scale projects to tackle stem cell therapies for cancer are to be funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and the Cancer Stem Cell Consortium (CSCC). This is most welcome news, not only because it demonstrates a continued investment in stem cell science…Read more

Nobel nominees were the founders of stem cell science

Author: Michael Rudnicki, 10/08/09

Speculation abounded earlier this week that the founders of stem cell science – James Till and Ernest McCulloch – would be honoured for their achievement with a prestigious Nobel Prize. While it turned out that the Prize was awarded to a deserving trio of researchers for their work on chromosomes, the buzz of anticipation and conjecture…Read more

Canadian stem cell researchers Eaves and Dick to receive hematology awards

Author: Michael Rudnicki, 07/31/09

The American Society of Hematology recently announced six award recipients to be honoured for their outstanding scientific contributions in the field of hematology. Among the distinguished scientists who are to receive awards are two Canadians – Connie Eaves and John Dick – both of whom are Stem Cell Network researchers. I am very proud of…Read more

Muscle repair enhanced by stem cells: new research

Author: Michael Rudnicki, 06/05/09

In a Cell Stem Cell paper released today, my team at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute demonstrated how the Wnt7a protein, signaling through the planar cell polarity pathway, controls the homeostatic levels of stem cells in muscle tissue, generating close to a 20% increase in the size of the tissue. In lay terms, this means we…Read more

Stepping forward in genomics and biomedical research

Author: Michael Rudnicki, 05/08/09

The word out of Ontario has been very positive of late. Despite the difficult financial times, the 2009-2010 provincial budget contained a number of new measures including: $300 million in new capital funds over six years for research infrastructure to be leveraged against the federal Canada Foundation for Innovation, $250 million over five years for…Read more