Michelle Ly

Michelle graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology and Genetics. She is currently working at the BC Cancer Research Centre in Vancouver, BC while pursuing interests in computer science, science outreach and education, and writing. Her diverse background includes stints at Celator Pharmaceuticals, the Cowan Vertebrate Museum, the Vancouver Aquarium, and UBC's Centre for Blood Research. Follow Michelle on Twitter @AlbinoMouse

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Shades of grey matter: using iPSC to unravel the mysteries of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author: Michelle Ly, 07/31/12

Chances are you know someone with autism spectrum disorder, or have, at the very least, been exposed to it in the media. Films like I am Sam, Rain Main, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and well-publicized stories such as that of Hollywood starlet Jenny McCarthy and her fight for her autistic son all show different sides…Read more

ISCT meeting: a balance of business and academia that works

Author: Michelle Ly, 07/04/12

With rain, rain and more rain in the forecast, I was more than happy to escape wet and dreary Vancouver and attend the 18th International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) annual meeting, which took place in Seattle, Washington last month. The weather was (slightly) drier and there was plenty of stem cell eye candy to…Read more

Could stem cells be a solution to organ harvesting and donation?

Author: Michelle Ly, 07/18/11

Susan Lim is perhaps not the likeliest of candidates when one brings to mind the image of a stem cell researcher. A surgical pioneer, Dr. Lim performed the first liver transplant in Asia, for which she received numerous honours. She brings a refreshing outlook on stem cell research with her recent TED talk, entitled “Transplant…Read more

Science 2.0: Time to throw open the laboratory doors?

Author: Michelle Ly, 05/11/11

Almost three years ago, Scientific American asked if we were entering an age of Science 2.0.  Would science now be conducted in the open access realm –- freely publishing data, drafts and even whole papers? The economic cost of academic publishing has long been considered unsustainable. As well, the lack of freely accessible papers and…Read more

Reconstructing tissues using fat stem cells and the thin line between clinical and cosmetic needs

Author: Michelle Ly, 04/12/11

Reconstructive surgery plays an important role in recovery from disease and injury by attempting to restore function or appearance to the body. While the use of synthetic materials is commonplace, the ability to replace or reconstruct using the same tissues from elsewhere in the body is desirable because it would eliminate many issues that occur…Read more

Tiny zebrafish shows how kidney regeneration could be achieved

Author: Michelle Ly, 03/24/11

Renal disease threatens approximately 2 million Canadians nationwide. The Kidney Foundation of Canada estimates that each day, an average of 14 Canadians learn that their kidneys have failed. Most diseases of the kidneys affect the nephrons, the functional unit of the kidney. Nephrons fulfill a variety of functions including regulating blood volume, filtering the blood,…Read more

Progress in ES research, despite the hurdles

Author: Michelle Ly, 02/22/11

As we get further into 2011, embryonic stem (ES) cells continue to be a hot topic.  The ability of ES cells to differentiate into virtually any other type of cell makes them a prime avenue for research in biomedical applications.  They have also been a source of great continuing controversy not only in North America,…Read more

It’s a matter of attraction: homing and mobility in the blood system

Author: Michelle Ly, 02/14/11

In previous posts, I discussed the use of cell therapy, specifically the application of allogenic or autologous hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), as a way to repopulate blood cell lineages to normal levels post-treatment in patients suffering from certain types of blood-related cancers. These therapies would not be successful if not for the ability of stem…Read more

Trending topics in hematology: summary of the 2010 American Society of Hematology conference

Author: Michelle Ly, 12/20/10

Stem cells were high on the list of hot topics at this year’s American Society of Hematology conference in Orlando, Florida, particularly regarding the uses and effects of stem cells in the treatment of disease. The Ham-Wasserman lecture, named for two past ASH presidents, was presented by Tsvee Lapidot, from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel. His lecture…Read more

What do you think of stem cells?

Author: Michelle Ly, 11/29/10

I was having my bathroom renovated a few months ago and got into a discussion with my contractor about work. I mentioned that I had done some work with the BC Cancer Research Centre and other biomedical research institutes. His comment was, “Cancer research? So do you do any stem cell work? That’s scary stuff…Read more