Peter Raaymakers

Peter is the Stem Cell Network's Communications Manager, and he has been with the Network since early 2010. He's a communicator by trade who hadn't taken a science course since grade 11, so his foray into the field of advanced science and research has been an eye-opening bit of mental exercise--but a very rewarding one.

Posts by: Peter

Right Turn: A lesson in blood development

Author: Peter Raaymakers, 02/27/15

Hematopoiesis is a long word, but in essence it describes a pretty straight-forward concept: The formation of our blood system, including all of its components. It’s a multi-step process beginning with stem cells and ending with mature, specialized ones like red blood cells, white blood cells, lymphocytes and others. I won’t go into great detail…Read more

Right Turn: Multiple sclerosis clinical trial begins in Ottawa

Author: Peter Raaymakers, 01/30/15

  Click image to go to CTV News Ottawa video     We’ve written about some questionable “clinical trials” recruiting patients in Canada recently, so it only makes sense to follow-up with some hopeful news about a legitimate, regulator-approved trial that launched this past week. Dr. Mark Freedman, Senior Scientist of the Neuroscience Program at the Ottawa…Read more

Right Turn: How your New Year’s Resolution works

Author: Peter Raaymakers, 01/02/15

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions made every year: Exercise regularly and get in better shape. It’s a noble resolution, often broken, but worthwhile nonetheless. But have you ever wondered how that resolution works? Wonder no more: This great video, from EuroStemCell, explains how stem cells respond to the cues given during workouts…Read more

Right Turn: Bone grafts, made-to-order

Author: Peter Raaymakers, 12/26/14

In a TED video from earlier in the year, Nina Tandon and Sarindr Ick Bhumiratana of EpiBone talked about their incredible technique to use biomaterials and stem cells to generate customized bone material for implant. In Tandon’s words, “If you need a piece of human bone, you can use your own cells to grow your own.” EpiBone’s…Read more

Right Turn: Stem cells for conservation

Author: Peter Raaymakers, 12/05/14

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List, nearly 12,000 animal species are threatened with extinction today. There are many reasons for the precarious state of these species, and nearly as many plans to attempt restoration of their populations, but Japanese scientists are looking at one rarely considered option: Stem cells. Dr….Read more

Right Turn: Lego Academics bring you into their world

Author: Peter Raaymakers, 08/29/14

> Earlier this summer, building toy makers Lego released the Research Institute: A new set that featured female minifigures in science professions, including a paleontologist, astronomer and chemist. The set may have been a response to a young girl’s plea for Lego to “make more Lego girl people and let them go on adventures and have fun,” and the Research…Read more

Using stem cells to cure… extinction?

Author: Peter Raaymakers, 05/15/13

In last week’s Right Turn, we talked about how stem cells are responsible for the colours and patterns of bird feathers—and birds, as the graphic on the right demonstrates, are basically just tiny dinosaurs. Given that there is much promise in stem cell research (and also a great deal of hype), it makes one wonder:…Read more