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Welcome to our new niche!

Author: Stem Cell Network, 05/16/12

Welcome to Signals Blog, the new home and new name for the Stem Cell Network Blog. Why the change? After nearly four years, 207 blog posts and several “best of” awards, the SCN Blog finally outgrew its dish, so to speak. Late last year, we began planning with the newly-formed Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine,…Read more

2012 Cells I See winners

Author: Stem Cell Network, 05/11/12

  By all accounts, the 35 entries in this year’s Cells I See Art Contest & Gallery Showing were among the best we’ve ever had. Certainly, there were more than we’d ever seen before (view them all here) — so many, in fact, that we had to clear an entire lounge space at the host hotel just…Read more

A crack in the origin of eggs: policy and fertility implications of oogonial stem cells

Author: Stem Cell Network, 03/05/12

by Lisa Willemse, with Ubaka Ogbogu and Timothy Caulfield The announcement last week that a team of researchers had identified stem cells responsible for generating human eggs caused a ripple of excitement for several reasons. Not only does the news end a controversy regarding an assertion by the same research team that such oogonial stem…Read more

Trading on hope: A look at what motivates stem cell tourists and what happens when it goes wrong

Author: Stem Cell Network, 01/17/12

In recent years, the research community has been quite outspoken in its condemnation of rogue stem cell clinics operating in many countries across the globe. Indeed, through announcements made by health and related ministries in China, India and the US, it appears the message is beginning to be heard. On the heels of a recent…Read more

17-year-old high school student makes a cancer stem cell breakthrough

Author: Stem Cell Network, 12/14/11

When we report on breakthroughs in stem cell research, we typically link to well-funded studies published in peer-reviewed journals by world-renowned scientists. This time, it’s a little different. Angela Zhang, a high school senior from Cupertino, California, was awarded a $100,000 scholarship for her submission to the 2011 Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology:…Read more

Canadian organization wins Genetics Policy Institute Education Award for stem cell education

Author: Stem Cell Network, 10/14/11

Every year at the World Stem Cell Summit, the Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) hands out a number of Stem Cell Action Awards to recognize organizations and individuals who have positively impacted the stem cell community. This year in Pasadena, California, GPI awarded the Canadian science education organization Let’s Talk Science with the 2011 Stem Cell…Read more

Help rename the Stem Cell Network Blog

Author: Stem Cell Network, 10/12/11

We’re changing! We’ve added some new factors (contributions from the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine) and now we’re differentiating into something new! The new blog will keep your favourite bloggers, but will add more comprehensive coverage of issues pertaining to stem cells and regenerative medicine. To celebrate this growth, the blog needs a new…Read more

Unconstrained thinking: the link between computer chips and clinical trials

Author: Stem Cell Network, 10/05/11

by Drew Lyall The World Stem Cell Summit taking place this week in Pasadena, California, occupies a unique place in the stem cell calendar. The summit brings together patient advocates, policy makers, industry and scientists from around the world to take stock of progress in the field; to discuss common political, regulatory, financial and scientific…Read more

A researcher’s guide to stem cell ethics

Author: Stem Cell Network, 09/08/11

While ethical considerations can sometimes appear to take a back seat to lab results within the world of research, they are an integral part of any successful project -– or project proposal. Stem cell research is no exception –- in fact, given the vibrant and, at times, controversial history of this field, stem cell research…Read more

A (new) history of stem cell research

Author: Stem Cell Network, 08/16/11

A short time ago, Ed Yong blogged about a timeline he created on reprogrammed stem cells, which we’ve mentioned before in our own blog. It presented a good overview of the major papers that have defined the progress in this specific area and we found it interesting not just because of the method of delivery…Read more