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A few good women: Engineering grads to watch

Author: Stacey Johnson, 05/30/17

Engineers Canada reports on student enrolment and graduations from Canadian universities and colleges. Data from 2015 show that undergraduate enrolment continues to increase year after year, a welcome trend for those of us who hire from these programs. This year’s newly capped and gowned crop of university students have wrapped up exams and are moving…Read more

Right Turn: Health care solutions on demand through 3D printing

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/21/17

3D printing is a topic we’ve covered before at Signals. It’s still hot and trendy, and still making the cut on top technology lists. Back in 2012, Chris Anderson, the former editor-in-chief of Wired, predicted that 3D printing “will be bigger than the web.” Given that good 3D printers are now cheap enough (US$150) to…Read more

Improving ultrasound imaging may have applications in regenerative medicine

Author: Guest, 03/13/17

Andy Bell, a writer working with Toronto3dprinting, loves to write about different topics related to technological gadgets and gears. 3D printing is his current interest. Though ultrasound technology is commonly associated with the imaging of fetuses in the womb, its applications are much more than just imaging. The acoustic waves generated by ultrasound devices can…Read more

Right Turn: Surprisingly delicious uses for 3D printers

Author: Stacey Johnson, 08/19/16

If scientists are already doing the seemingly impossible and making ears out of apples, surely artificially manufacturing actual apples is a piece of cake. Enter the team at Food Ink. As per the website, these alphabetized “architects, artists, chefs, designers, engineers, futurists, industrialists, investors and technologists” have gone with the idea of artificial food, and taken it…Read more

Right Turn: Throw away that scalpel; here comes the “biopen”

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/29/16

Jennifer Hicks at Forbes has written about a handheld surgical device that can draw stem cells to repair cartilage so that the damaged cartilage can heal itself with its own cells. How cool is that?! The ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science in Melbourne, Australia, has produced the biopen. It is still at the…Read more

Mental constructions: a 3D printing approach to making miniature neural circuits

Author: Holly Wobma, 04/11/16

“You are your synapses.” [Joseph LeDoux]. I first came across this quote while working in a neurophysiology lab after my freshman year of undergraduate studies. To this day, I am amazed by its simple eloquence and the grandeur of its implications. Indeed, the idea that the essence of our experience of the world – our…Read more

Sticky cells are the key to printing 3D organs

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 07/23/15

. It’s been about 50 years since Philip K. Dick, one of the greatest science fiction authors, introduced the idea of artificial organs replacing failing or diseased organs. In his novel, Ubik, the author writes: “[Glen] Runciter’s body contained a dozen artiforgs, artificial organs grafted into place in his physiological apparatus as the genuine, original…Read more

Right Turn: 3D prosthetics provide a helping hand

Author: Stacey Johnson, 06/12/15

. Anthony Atala MD, of Wake Forest University, is a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine and recognized for his trailblazing and visionary work in tissue engineering and building printable organs. Signals has somehow missed out on featuring his work, despite acknowledging the efforts of other researchers in printing 3D organs here and here….Read more

Hot off the press: DNA-based bioprinting of tissues

Author: Guest, 03/11/15

. By S. Amanda Ali, PhD What do biomaterials mean to you? For this orthopaedic scientist, the first thing that comes to mind is the total joint replacement: artificial knees, hips and shoulders made from a variety of materials to reproduce joint function and suit each patient. Introduced in the 1960s to the field of…Read more

Right Turn: 3D printer with living “ink” creates cartilage “earily” reminiscent of the real thing

Author: Stacey Johnson, 09/20/13

. You have no doubt heard and read a lot about 3D printing. Biomaterials scientist and blogger Patrick Blit has written about it here in the context of a 3D printed tracheal splint. It is an increasingly popular method for creating human tissues and has evolved to printing prototype body parts. Dr. Lawrence Bonassar, a…Read more