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Right turn: Who said science and creativity had to be mutually exclusive?

Author: Erin Sugar, 03/25/16

Beautiful things can happen when you combine science, art and technology. (Think STEAM!) Contemporary dancer Paige Fraser has teamed up with Intel to create an artistic piece that uses 18 Intel RealSense cameras to display a whimsical 3D reflection that mimicks her real-life dancing. “The future’s bright when we figure out how to bring together…Read more

Right Turn: There’s beauty in science

Author: Stacey Johnson, 10/03/14

. The colourful, beautiful, whimsical, original, intriguing (I could go on) images that were submitted to CCRM for its Cells I See contest are live on Facebook for your viewing pleasure and votes. Until October 18, 2014 people are encouraged to “like” their favourite image. The one with the most likes will be this year’s…Read more

Right Turn: Return of Cells I See contest

Author: Stacey Johnson, 07/11/14

. Stem cells as art is becoming a recurring theme on Signals. If you want to admire some beautiful stem cell art, there’s Klair Reis’ petri projects, Radha Chaddah’s beautiful photography here, and stem cell images are featured every week on Signals near the bottom of the screen. The images in the Photo of the…Read more

Right Turn: Wherefore art thou stem cell artists?

Author: Stacey Johnson, 06/27/14

.. CCRM’s intrepid communications summer student is back! Erin Sugar dishes on the intersection between health, art and science using an intriguing medium: the Petri plate. In the spirit of the return of the Cells I See art contest (submissions begin mid-July, 2014 – more details in a future Right Turn), this week’s blog features…Read more

Right Turn: 7 reasons to enter Cells I See

Author: Lisa Willemse, 08/30/13

. This is the 5th (and perhaps final) edition of Cells I See, an art contest celebrating the beauty and wonder of stem cells. We thought we’d give you some incentive by showcasing last year’s winning entry and by giving you 7 reasons to enter the 2013 contest. The deadline is September 13 — full…Read more

2012 Cells I See winners

Author: Stem Cell Network, 05/11/12

  By all accounts, the 35 entries in this year’s Cells I See Art Contest & Gallery Showing were among the best we’ve ever had. Certainly, there were more than we’d ever seen before (view them all here) — so many, in fact, that we had to clear an entire lounge space at the host hotel just…Read more

35 reasons to like stem cells

Author: Lisa Willemse, 04/12/12

2010 Cells I See winner: The Beauty of Pluripotency by Kamal Garcha For the past four years, the Stem Cell Network has held a small image/art contest, known as Cells I See. You may have viewed announcements of the winners in previous blog posts. The contest, by and large, was a quiet affair, known only…Read more