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Peter Zandstra and CCRM: Making cell therapies a commercial reality

Author: Guest, 01/31/17

Dr. Rohin Iyer is currently a Development Manager at GE Healthcare / CCRM. He did his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and has been working in the field of stem cells and tissue engineering for over 12 years. He is an avid tweeter (follow @DrRohinIyer) on cell therapies and regenerative medicine. …Read more

The enabling technology of polymer design

Author: Hamideh Emrani, 02/10/16

Another in the series: “What drives research in the field of biomaterials?” “What makes Canada cool?” asks Dan Taekema of The Toronto Star, and among the handful of influential figures that he writes about is the “rock star” researcher, Professor Molly Shoichet. I was ecstatic to read this post right around the time I was…Read more

An interview with bioengineering pioneer Kevin Healy

Author: Hamideh Emrani, 01/05/16

In the fourth in her series on “What drives research in the field of biomaterials?” blogger Hamideh Emrani interviews Professor Kevin E. Healy at the University of California, Berkeley. You can catch up on Hamideh’s earlier interviews here. I met Professor Kevin Healy at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the Jan Fandrianto Distinguished…Read more

Reflections on the Stem Cell Network Part 2: Building a broad talent base

Author: David Kent, 02/09/15

> This article is the second in a series about the human capital created by the Network of Centre of Excellence known as the Stem Cell Network (SCN), which was created in 2001, will wind down the majority of it’s activities this year. The first article focused on the trainees turned academic group leader, but…Read more

Using cell circuits to program cellular outcomes

Author: David Kent, 10/29/14

> One of my favourite things about the Till and McCulloch Meetings (#TMM2014) is the careful thought that goes into session organization. The balance of basic science, ethics, engineering, and industrial and clinical applications has always been a nice feature of the meeting. Having just listened to the speakers in the Systems, Synthetic & Applied Stem…Read more

Right Turn: Biomaterials for the 21st Century – Repairing spinal cords

Author: Stacey Johnson, 02/21/14

. Dr. Robert Langer’s enthusiasm for the limitless promise of bioengineering is infectious. With his efforts and under his tutelage, one hopes that huge advances will be made in restoring movement to the paralyzed and curing the sick through, for example, more effective drug delivery systems that can manipulate how long and where in the…Read more

Biomimicry, bioadhesion and Dr. Jeffrey Karp: He’s a natural at what he does

Author: Roshan Yoganathan, 02/18/14

. This past weekend I was watching the Superbowl, along with millions of North Americans,not to see the Seahawks beat down the Broncos, but for all the must-see million dollar commercials. The one commercial that stood out to me was the Geico commercial with the gecko. The gecko is an interesting creature with many extraordinary…Read more

The apple of a bioengineer’s eye: mature photoreceptors

Author: Angela C. H. McDonald, 12/13/11

Last spring, I wrote about the remarkable generation of self-organizing retinal tissue created from mouse embryonic stem cells. The study successfully created all major retinal components including photoreceptors, albeit at a low abundance. However, while multi-layered optic tissue did form, the alignment and organization of mature retinal cell types differed from that of the mouse…Read more