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Location, location, location – stem cells need the right neighbours

Author: David Kent, 06/12/17

Last month two papers created a pretty big wave in the blood stem cell field: Work from Harvard Medical School and Cornell University showed that functional human blood stem cells could be created from reprogrammed cells. While it is most certainly the closest that researchers have come to creating blood stem cells in large numbers…Read more

Canada: Science is in our blood

Author: Nicole Forgione, 12/01/15

November was a big month for science in Canada. Our new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, sent a clear message that science will be a priority for his administration by naming Dr. Kirsty Duncan Minister of Science, and Navdeep Bains Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. Following closely on these exciting political developments, a landmark…Read more

Right Turn: A lesson in blood development

Author: Peter Raaymakers, 02/27/15

Hematopoiesis is a long word, but in essence it describes a pretty straight-forward concept: The formation of our blood system, including all of its components. It’s a multi-step process beginning with stem cells and ending with mature, specialized ones like red blood cells, white blood cells, lymphocytes and others. I won’t go into great detail…Read more

Right Turn: My bloody valentine (a new StemCellShort video)

Author: Lisa Willemse, 02/13/15

> The blood stem cell (or hematopoietic stem cell as it’s known in scientific parlance) was the first stem cell to be identified, which makes it a bit of a celebrity, as stem cells go. Here in Canada, we like to think of Drs. James Till and Ernest McCulloch, who made that initial discovery in…Read more

How relationships and collaboration breed scientific breakthroughs

Author: David Kent, 10/28/14

> Last month, Signals re-posted a blog entry of mine from The Black Hole where I lamented the lack of teamwork in the life sciences. There are, however, always exceptions and I want to highlight one such exception that took the field of blood stem cell expansion by storm last month. It was also presented…Read more

Location, location, location… Studying stem cells in their homes

Author: David Kent, 06/19/14

> Just four hours after landing in Vancouver for the 2014 meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research, I was delighted to attend the late afternoon plenary session on Cell Heterogeneity. Both John Dick and Connie Eaves – juggernauts of the Canadian stem cell community – reminded us of the differences between stem and…Read more

Stem cell defects may help explain premature aging in Down Syndrome

Author: Angela C. H. McDonald, 10/16/13

> This week, while perusing my favourite news websites, I discovered that October is Down Syndrome Awareness month in the US. We Canadians however, have reserved our Down Syndrome Awareness week for the first week of November but nevertheless, this got me thinking about the current state of Down Syndrome research and what stem cell…Read more

Unraveling the mysteries of blood: Gene that regulates self-renewal discovered

Author: Holly Wobma, 08/26/13

Are we beginning to understand the complex conversations that control blood stem cell fate? Researchers in Toronto have found how one gene, GATA-3, helps prolong self-renewal properties. > They say working on the trauma unit isn’t for the faint of heart. But I think this also applies to being an immunologist. Because not only do…Read more

Preliminary success in blood stem cell gene therapy

Author: David Kent, 08/12/13

. Last month, two studies were published in Science from Luigi Naldini’s group on correcting disease-associated mutations in patient’s stem cells. The two diseases, Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (WAS) and Metachromatic Leukodystrophy, are sometimes treated with bone marrow transplantation, which relies on identification of matched donors and risks severe complications through graft vs. host disease and lifelong immunosuppression. Using a patient’s own…Read more

Stem cell detective work: How George Daley uncovers iPS cells’ secrets

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 07/03/13

George Daley (File photo) Immediately after last month’s ISSCR meeting, George Daley travelled to the University of Toronto where he had been invited to be an external reviewer on a PhD thesis defense. While there, Daley spoke to a packed audience interested in what he had to say about cell differentiation. In Boston just days…Read more