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A complete (re)program to recognize the 10-year anniversary of iPSCs

Author: Stacey Johnson, 08/25/16

Ten years ago today, Japanese scientists Shinya Yamanaka and Kazutoshi Takahashi published a paper announcing the creation of rodent induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, thus pioneering the field of iPS cell technology. They showed that they could convert adult cells into pluripotent stem cells – in other words, they reprogrammed them to look and function…Read more

Right Turn: Canadian procedure stops MS in some patients

Author: Stacey Johnson, 06/10/16

In 2002, Jennifer Molson received a stem cell transplant for her aggressive form of multiple sclerosis (MS), diagnosed six years earlier when she was 21. This unique treatment for MS – transplanting blood stem cells from a patient’s own bone marrow to replace the diseased immune system – is now the subject of an article…Read more

Right Turn: Autism stem cell research could use a boost

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/22/16

While I’m sure news about autism spikes in April during the annual awareness campaign, I doubt autism is absent from the news very often. Whether parents and advocates are lobbying for more services and funding, experts and non-experts are arguing over whether vaccines cause autism or celebrities are jumping onto the awareness bandwagon, it seems…Read more

Get serious: Seize the moment while politicians are listening

Author: Guest, 09/09/15

. Joe Sornberger is Director of Communications Programs for the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation and author of Dreams & Due Diligence: Till and McCulloch’s Stem Cell Discovery and Legacy.   Back in the day, I toiled as a newspaper reporter, covering Parliament Hill. I was there at a Québec campaign stop during the 1993 election,…Read more

Making sure amazing things happen

Author: Guest, 12/15/14

Joe Sornberger is Director of Communications Programs for the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation and author of the book “Dreams & Due Diligence: Till and McCulloch’s Stem Cell Discovery and Legacy.”   Amazing things can happen in 10 years. Consider the world, circa 2004. The United States had yet to elect an African American president, Steve…Read more

Isolating single human hematopoietic stem cells

Author: David Kent, 07/13/11

For those who followed the Stem Cell Foundation campaign last year, you may have come across the article I wrote about what inspired me to enter the field of stem cell biology. The power of a single blood stem cell to recreate all of the elements of the blood system for the lifetime of a…Read more

Fifty years

Author: Stem Cell Network, 06/14/11

In the scientific world, 50 years can be an eternity. Consider the fruit fly or certain cells – organisms whose lifespan is counted in hours or days. Or, it can be the blink of an eye when compared to the progression of an ice flow, for instance. In the field of stem cells, 50 years…Read more

Stem cells back on Parliament’s agenda

Author: Stem Cell Network, 11/03/10

Yesterday, for the first time in seven years, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health heard testimony on the current status of stem cell research in Canada. Although the topics covered by MPs during the Committee hearings did not seem to reflect any immediate legislative priorities, nevertheless it was a welcome opportunity for the…Read more

Stem cells in the running for a Webby Award!

Author: Stem Cell Network, 04/26/10

 The Canadian Stem Cell Foundation has been nominated for Best Activism Website at the 14th Annual Webby Awards, otherwise known as the “Oscars of the Internet”. The Webby’s recognize the world’s best websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile web sites. As a nominee, the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation is also eligible to win…Read more