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Right Turn: The wild, wacky world of animals and regenerative medicine

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/15/16

The picture to the right is of my cat Chloe, all dressed up for her debut on Signals. Amazingly, Franklin West (University of Georgia) thinks domesticated cats (Chloe!) are the ideal vessel for saving big cats of the endangered species kind. The idea is to collect skin cells from, say, tigers and turn those cells…Read more

Right Turn: The wait is over

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/01/16

For nearly 2 million people, the restless nights, anxious days, over-caffeinated spiral is almost over. On April 14th, Orphan Black returns with its fourth season. A few Christmases ago, I compiled a list of television shows and movies that feature stem cells in a leading or supporting role. At the time, I referred to Orphan…Read more

Right Turn: He wants a clone

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/10/15

. Who doesn’t love a science lesson communicated through song? (That’s rhetorical; there’s no need to leave a comment below.) Mr. W., aka Glenn Wolkenfeld, has been educating and enthralling high school students and ended up with a teaching excellence prize. Here he is rapping his thank you speech at the Alameda County Teacher of…Read more

Right Turn: A not-so definitive RM holiday book list

Author: Stacey Johnson, 12/19/14

. Ah, the holidays. Fodder for journalists and bloggers alike. Last year, I brought you two themed blogs: an idea for a unique Christmas present – by the way, it’s on sale if you order now – and a list of movies and TV shows “about” regenerative medicine (RM) to watch when you have downtime….Read more

Rush to publish and the repercussions of carelessness in science

Author: Lisa Willemse, 05/24/13

Co-authored with Dr. Zubin Master, Assistant Professor at the Alden March Bioethics Institute, Albany Medical College and Research Associate at the University of Alberta’s Health Law and Science Policy Group. In the current discussion about the now controversial SCNT human cloning paper by Shoukhrat Mitalipov et al., much has already been said of the reported errors that resulted…Read more

Stem cells: The quiescent issue in US elections

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 09/20/12

As 2012 slowly creeps on we can finally see November’s Presidential Election in the United States on the horizon marking the end of a nineteen month-long election process, which feels like an eternity compared to Canada’s last election, which lasted all of 38 days. Yet during all this time, debates regarding stem cell research — one of the…Read more

Aussies review embryonic and cloning legislation

Author: Ubaka Ogbogu, 03/17/11

The Australian government is currently reviewing their stem cell and cloning research laws. The review, which began on December 22, 2010 with the appointment of an independent Legislation Review Committee (LRC) chaired by a retired federal judge, is the second since the enactment in 2002 of the Prohibition of Human Cloning for Reproduction Act and…Read more

Which dishes are you willing to eat from?

Author: David Kent, 08/31/10

This month, the food supply chain in the UK dropped the ball, and unbeknownst to the final consumer, meat from the offspring of a cloned animal ended up on dinner plates.This caused a stir in a country that has traditionally been quite wary of genetically modified foods and prompted much discussion from the public and…Read more