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No link between STAP cells and acid reflux, except for paper’s authors

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 04/22/14

> If you’ve stayed current with the STAP cell fiasco you know it’s been a wild ride. STAP cells, or Stimulus-Triggered Acquisition of Pluripotency cells, caught the imagination of many in late January through their sheer simplicity: You hit cells with a shock of acidic conditions, and they become pluripotent. That’s it. No Yamanaka factors…Read more

The Hunter and the Bear: Italy’s Stamina and Vannoni, as Aesop would have told it

Author: Alessandra Pasut, 04/02/14

Editor’s note: Some of the links included are Italian language sources The case involving Stamina Foundation and the legitimacy of its stem cell treatments has been one of the most discussed and controversial issues in the international stem cell policy scene. Tomorrow, April 3, Davide Vannoni, Stamina’s founder, will be expected at a court trial…Read more

Rush to publish and the repercussions of carelessness in science

Author: Lisa Willemse, 05/24/13

Co-authored with Dr. Zubin Master, Assistant Professor at the Alden March Bioethics Institute, Albany Medical College and Research Associate at the University of Alberta’s Health Law and Science Policy Group. In the current discussion about the now controversial SCNT human cloning paper by Shoukhrat Mitalipov et al., much has already been said of the reported errors that resulted…Read more

The future of the stem cell controversy: Do citizens prefer iPS cells?

Author: Nick Dragojlovic, 11/08/12

If you’ve been feeling like you can’t open a web browser these days without finding a story about induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), you’re not alone.  Unlike embryonic stem cells, iPSCs are created by directly reprogramming adult cells taken from donors or patients, and they’ve been all over the news. Most notably, Sir John B….Read more