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What time zone is your heart tissue In?

Author: Holly Wobma, 06/19/17

Our lives our governed by our concept of time. Whether you are relatively spontaneous or a micromanager of your daily schedule, how we coordinate our work and interactions with other people comes down to the 24-hour clock we picture in our minds. Of course, this 24-hour clock is more than just a social construct. It…Read more

ISSCR Day 1: Escaping the ground state of pluripotency

Author: David Kent, 06/24/16

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research got off to a fantastic start Wednesday night in San Francisco. Two excellent sessions were delivered to a packed house with talks ranging from the importance of circular RNAs (Pier Paolo Pandolfi) through to a pretty incredible description of the cellular biomechanics of…Read more

Here we go…cells derived from embryonic stem cells in UK clinics

Author: David Kent, 11/16/15

The United Kingdom has begun its foray into using cells derived from human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) in clinical settings. I have to admit I was surprised that following coverage on the BBC and in The Guardian, there was virtually no anti-ESC protesting to be found, especially considering this was the first human ESC therapy…Read more

Regenerative Medicine Deal Review: September

Author: Mark Curtis, 10/09/14

Welcome to your deal review for the month of September. There was some healthy news flow around cell-based immunotherapy companies this past month, heating up a space that is already ablaze with activity. Undoubtedly the company that took the spotlight was Adaptimmune, which completed a venture capital (VC) round of over $100 million! The money…Read more

Sugar rush: The development of glucose-sensitive beta cells from embryonic precursors

Author: Holly Wobma, 10/06/14

> “Wow, my mouth just got diabetes.” Such are my immediate thoughts after taking a bite out of a red velvet cupcake.  Though I must qualify: by cupcake, I mean a skyscraper of frosting carefully balanced on a minimal crumbly foundation. Making such a hyperbolic statement heightens our awareness that diabetes involves intolerably high blood…Read more

Why clinical translation is key to CIRM’s quest for more funding

Author: Nick Dragojlovic, 12/02/13

> As the expiration of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine’s (CIRM) funding approaches, the fate of CIRM after 2017 is top of mind for stem cell researchers in the state. While the agency’s leadership appears to be leaning towards some form of public-private partnership, planning for its financial future has reportedly assumed the future…Read more

Right Turn: The sound of stem cells

Author: Stacey Johnson, 11/01/13

. If you visit the website of Dr. Michael West, CEO of BioTime, you can hear the “sound” of stem cells. Honestly. A computer algorithm has been used to convert microscopic images of human embryonic stem cells into an auditory file that is meant to represent what stem cells sound like. There are lots of…Read more

StemCellShorts #2 – What are embryonic stem cells?

Author: Ben Paylor, 10/11/13

“Stem cell research is going to impact on the lives of all Canadians as we move to an era of new stem cell-based treatments for degenerative diseases.  StemCellShorts helps to engage the public in understanding the science of stem cells and I have been delighted to be involved.” –  Dr. Janet Rossant, Chief of Research…Read more

State politics and the stem cell policy environment in the United States

Author: Nick Dragojlovic, 02/20/13

– The regenerative medicine community greeted last month’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the legality of the Obama Administration’s stem cell policy with relief. The court found that federal funding of human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research is consistent with existing statutes, such as the Dickey-Wicker Amendment. The principal implication of this…Read more