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‘Bad Luck 2.0’ – the transformation to success

Author: Sara M. Nolte, 09/12/17

Over two years ago, an article published in Science took the Internet and media by storm. The paper, “Variation in cancer risk among tissues can be explained by the number of stem cell divisions,” better known as “The ‘Bad Luck’ Cancer Study,” used mathematical modeling to demonstrate that most cancers were a result of chance…Read more

Right Turn: Putting your money where your mouth is

Author: Stacey Johnson, 07/31/15

. Tomorrow (or today for you readers), I’m heading to a BBQ. Canadians love to BBQ. I don’t have any stats on this, but I was born in Canada and I know this to be true. To further support my statement, Google says Canada “leads the world when it comes to online searches for recipes…Read more