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Major League Baseball Pitchers and “Stem Cell” therapy

Author: David Kent, 04/18/17

With the Toronto Blue Jays* off to a terrible start, I was almost dissuaded from reading anything about baseball, until I happened upon the following article: “Stem-cell therapy is poised to disrupt the Tommy John epidemic in baseball.” First, I had to do my standard “fake news” check by triangulating the sources, readings, etc., but…Read more

Right Turn: Autism stem cell research could use a boost

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/22/16

While I’m sure news about autism spikes in April during the annual awareness campaign, I doubt autism is absent from the news very often. Whether parents and advocates are lobbying for more services and funding, experts and non-experts are arguing over whether vaccines cause autism or celebrities are jumping onto the awareness bandwagon, it seems…Read more

Right Turn: Stem cell books for kids

Author: Stacey Johnson, 12/11/15

I have yet to meet a parent who doesn’t think reading to/with their kids is crucial. I’m going to assume that if you’re a scientist, instilling a love of science to your children, through books, is a priority. With winter holidays just around the corner, kids will have lots of time for reading. Whether you’re…Read more

Stem cell videos – who are they made for? I need reader help…

Author: David Kent, 06/16/15

. Last week the German Stem Cell Network (SCN) released three videos on the current and future possibilities of stem cells. The videos feature three top tier scientists in the field – Andreas Trumpp, Magdalena Gotz and Anthony Ho – and treat viewers to their viewpoints on where stem cell research currently sits and where it is…Read more

Right Turn: Super Cells takes flight

Author: Lisa Willemse, 09/12/14

> Those of you who’ve been following this blog regularly will know that we were in the process of building a science exhibit — we’ve published a few teasers, here and here. This week, Super Cells: The power of stem cells was unveiled in the small, historic city of Sherbrooke, Québec (well worth a visit,…Read more

Right Turn: Riding high with stem cells

Author: Lisa Willemse, 06/06/14

> Cycling season is in full gear and for the rapidly growing number of enthusiasts, it means many miles on tarmac and trail, Strava leaderboard competitions and various degrees of obsession with the world’s major races. I’m not much of a road rider (give me a rock, root or mud-infested trail any day), but I…Read more

Right Turn: The written word on stem cells

Author: Lisa Willemse, 11/08/13

> We’ve posted several times before about the alignment between science and art, but usually it’s been visual art, not the written word. Of course, there’s lots of fantastic writing about stem cells and regenerative medicine that qualifies as science writing, but have you ever considered it as a subject for creative non-fiction or poetry?…Read more

Right Turn: The next top model is in a dish

Author: Lisa Willemse, 08/02/13

. Studying disease in a petri dish is nothing new. But the way we’ve been able to make models of disease – and turn those diseased cells back in time to their earliest beginnings – is new. By peering back in time, researchers are gathering a wealth of new information about how diseases originate and…Read more

Right Turn: Bench to bedside goes interactive

Author: Lisa Willemse, 05/24/13

. This is an anniversary celebration of sorts. One year ago (almost to the day), EuroStemCell and OptiStem released the graphic story From Hope to Hype and I recall being amazed: not just at the beauty and integrity of the finished product, but at the immense creativity of the project as a whole. Explaining stem…Read more

The quest for eternal youth: Atwood v. Smith

Author: David Kent, 09/14/11

by David Kent A prize-winning author sits down in an Edinburgh pub across from a world famous stem cell biologist. Together they begin to ponder mankind’s desire for eternal youth. Though it may sound like the first lines of a joke, it is the opening scene of a documentary film, supported by the UK’s Wellcome…Read more