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Major League Baseball Pitchers and “Stem Cell” therapy

Author: David Kent, 04/18/17

With the Toronto Blue Jays* off to a terrible start, I was almost dissuaded from reading anything about baseball, until I happened upon the following article: “Stem-cell therapy is poised to disrupt the Tommy John epidemic in baseball.” First, I had to do my standard “fake news” check by triangulating the sources, readings, etc., but…Read more

Careful with the heart strings: Promise vs. potential

Author: David Kent, 06/26/14

> The cellular therapy plenary at the ISSCR conference on June 19 was an incredibly interesting mix of hope and despair. On one hand, the opening talk by Leigh Turner made us imagine thousands of people in the United States getting duped into stem cell therapies as a result of pre-mature commercialization and ethically contentious…Read more

Finding the positive in the hype about stem cells

Author: Nick Dragojlovic, 12/20/12

“Stem Cells Make Aging Mice Young Again” – ABC News  “’Factor X’ — Have we finally found the fountain of youth?” – Fox News  “Stem cells, the secret to eternal youth?” – Headlines like these are all too common and underscore how the news media’s coverage of regenerative medicine tends to focus on the…Read more