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Congratulations, you graduated this year! So, what happens next?

Author: Hamideh Emrani, 07/20/17

Passing by university campuses in the month of June, what you will notice is joyful, well dressed students, accompanied by family members, attending their graduation ceremonies. It is indeed a great feeling to have accomplished a university degree after a lot of dedication and hard work. I personally prefer the name commencement instead of graduation…Read more

Right Turn: Sightings of innovation in Canada

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/14/17

If you are a knowledge worker, it may seem as though “innovation” is on everyone’s lips these days. First, Canadians saw Industry Canada renamed Innovation, Science and Economic Development when Prime Minister Trudeau unveiled his first cabinet. Then, Budget 2017, titled “building a strong middle class” could have had “the innovation budget” as its working…Read more

Special op/ed: Canada can lead the world in regenerative medicine — but it won’t happen without strategic investment

Author: Michael May, 08/30/16

Michael May is President and CEO of CCRM, a leader in developing and commercializing regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy technologies, Michael Rudnicki is Scientific Director and CEO of Stem Cell Network, with a mandate to translate stem cell research into clinical applications, commercial products and public policy, and Peter Zandstra is a professor in…Read more

Explosive growth in cell therapy just around the corner?

Author: David Brindley, 09/23/14

. With contributions from James Smith, a recent Oxford University graduate and current SENS Research Foundation Summer Scholar working at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.   Assume a single bacterium weighs one thousand billionth of a gram. If it, and each of its progeny, divides once every 20 minutes then the population will reach approximately…Read more

Innovation without protection is philanthropy

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 01/08/13

This year, your household will pay $360 for the use of Intellectual Property (IP) held by people and corporations outside of Canada. For a little less than a dollar a day, you’re supporting industries like biotechnology, high-tech electronics, and engineering in other countries. Two policy think-tanks believe it’s time for Canadians to flip that balance…Read more

All business (no hype) in commercializing regenerative medicine

Author: Stacey Johnson, 09/26/12

My grandmother, at 97, is excited about stem cell research because she sees the possibilities. Regenerative medicine IS an exciting field. It’s on the cutting edge of science and fans and critics alike debate its merits regularly in the press and in blogs. Every day, we read stories with headlines that proclaim stem cells will…Read more