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Right Turn: Teaching kids critical thinking skills

Author: Stacey Johnson, 09/01/17

I love kids. Their curiosity, passion and enthusiasm for life are infectious. With two teenagers at home, kids and school are very much on my mind right now. (I have a habit of blogging about back-to-school, as you can read here and here.) Because kids are so curious, they constantly explore the world around them….Read more

Right Turn: Science is awesome

Author: Stacey Johnson, 05/22/15

. “Science is often flawed” is the first half of the title of an article by Julia Belluz and Steven Hoffman of Lately, it feels like there are lots of articles pointing out that science is flawed and scientists are too. The stem cell and regenerative medicine world is certainly not immune to this…Read more

Luck is on their side in “bad luck” cancer study

Author: Stacey Johnson, 01/20/15

. Before you read my blog, I recommend that you first read Sara Nolte’s blog “Bad luck, bad science, or bad reporting?” In it, Sara does an excellent job explaining and commenting on Drs. Cristian Tomasetti’s and Bert Vogelstein’s study “Variation in cancer risk among tissues can be explained by the number of stem cell…Read more