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Five regenerative medicine workshops to attend this summer

Author: Guest, 05/15/17

Amin Adibi is a biomedical engineer and a health data analyst at the University of British Columbia. His areas of interest include cell manufacturing and bioprocess optimization, clinical translation of cellular therapies, health outcomes and cost-effectiveness modelling. Amin has an MSc degree from University of Calgary, where he focused on developing adjuvant MSC-based therapies for…Read more

A day in the ISSCR2014 classroom: Student blog post 1

Author: Guest, 06/19/14

> This is the first of a series of posts from Vancouver high school students who attended the ISSCR conference after winning an essay contest sponsored by the Stem Cell Network, ISSCR and Let’s Talk Science. The contest was organized by Vancouver StemCellTalks. Congratulations to the five winners: Lauren Dobischok, Tanner Jones, Mindy Lin, Vivian Tsang, and Michelle Tse.   Post…Read more