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The tiny fingers that touch stem cells

Author: David Kent, 09/22/15

. I was reading Nature the other day and came across a neat article from Yukikio Yamashita’s group at the University of Michigan entitled Nanotubes mediate niche–stem-cell signalling in the Drosophila testis. It may not sound interesting to our average reader, but the cool thing – and presumably what the Nature editors and reviewers enjoyed…Read more

Right Turn: Feathers as an example of stem cell complexity

Author: Lisa Willemse, 05/10/13

Pea Hen Feather. Credit: Bill Gracey The arrival of summer’s songbirds to much of Canada over the past month makes this a fitting time to talk about feathers. Coincidentally, a paper was released in Science in late April that revealed how stem cells function to create an incredible array of colours and patterns in bird…Read more

Managing energy during hibernation: Stem cell metabolome profiling

Author: David Kent, 02/08/13

Previous posts from Angela and Michelle will have alerted readers to the importance of where a stem cell resides in the body. The stem cell niche is a complicated environment and one of the most challenging things for blood stem cell biologists to decipher is how “dormant” stem cells manage their energy in such an…Read more

View from the floor 5: Pushing the boundaries with technology

Author: David Kent, 05/08/12

  The final day of the 2012 Till and McCulloch Meetings was packed with great science, but a common theme definitely emerged – technological advances are changing the way we think about and perform scientific research. Keynote speaker Helen Blau issued a warning about trying to mimic the stem cell niche outside the body, using an entertaining…Read more