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Update from the Clinic: August

Author: Mark Curtis, 09/29/15

. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of August. The adult stem cell community enjoyed a much needed confidence boost after TiGenix announced its Phase 3 trial hit its primary endpoint. Northwest confirmed its Phase 3 trial of DCVax in glioblastoma is still underway despite rumours that the trial had been…Read more

Regenerative Medicine Deal Review: April

Author: Mark Curtis, 05/27/15

. Welcome to your deal review for the month of April. There is no update yet on the fate of the Cellular Dynamics International/Fujifilm deal, but it appears that CDI made some effort to solicit offers from alternative bidders. Aduro made headlines, though, closing a *$136 million initial public offering (IPO) and opening on its…Read more

Update from the clinic: January

Author: Mark Curtis, 02/19/15

. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of January. Pluristem and OncoMed reported preliminary efficacy data from early-stage trials, while the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted a number of Orphan Drug Designations for various cancer indications being developed by OncoMed, Stemline Therapeutics, and Kite…Read more

Regenerative Medicine Deal Review: December

Author: Mark Curtis, 01/07/15

. Welcome to your deal review for the month of December. Juno Therapeutics made its leap into the public realm with the largest biotech initial public offering (IPO) in 2014. bluebird Bio announced pricing of a common offering to raise over $200M. Read on to find out more. Earlier this year, we saw privately held…Read more

Update from the Clinic: September

Author: Mark Curtis, 10/14/14

. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of September. There’s a mixture of news from the cancer stem cell companies and immunotherapy companies this past month. Amongst other things, the FDA removed the previously imposed partial hold on one of OncoMed’s therapeutics; Opexa Therapeutics announced its next therapeutic program; and, Harvard…Read more

Update from the Clinic: July

Author: Mark Curtis, 08/18/14

. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of July. The cancer stem cell companies were back in the news last month. OncoMed initiated its ALPINE clinical trial of Tarextumab for pancreatic cancer, while Stemline Therapeutics announced an investigational new drug (IND) for SL-401 and initiation of clinical trials in two blood…Read more

Update from the Clinic: June

Author: Mark Curtis, 07/09/14

. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of June. Neuralstem presented final data on a first-in-class drug for the treatment of major depressive disorder, which is proving to be an effective and non-invasive means to boost brain volume. OncoMed has a shaky start to its Phase I programs targeting the Wnt…Read more

Update from the Clinic: February

Author: Mark Curtis, 03/11/14

. Welcome to your update from the clinic for the month of February!  OncoMed is the leader in news this month with various Phase 1b trials for its cancer stem cell-targeting fusion protein. Immunocellular Therapeutics and StemCells Inc. file orphan drug designations with the European Medicines Agency and FDA for their respective cell therapies. Read…Read more

Update from the Clinic: January

Author: Mark Curtis, 02/04/14

. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of January! We start the year off with the German health authority approving Pluristem’s next generation GMP cell manufacturing facility. Neuralstem successfully, and safely, transplants NSI-556 cells directly into the brain of its first patient in a Phase 1/2 study. Meanwhile, OncoMed and StemCells…Read more