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Right Turn: Clinical trials – one solution to unapproved stem cell treatments

Author: Stacey Johnson, 07/14/17

I’ve been thinking about unapproved stem cell treatments a lot recently. First, I read this article that hailed the arrival of stem cell treatments in a small community in western Canada. There were many statements in the article that concerned me, but I only addressed a few major ones in my letter to the editor….Read more

Lobbying for deregulation of stem cell procedures is giving rise to a new “dark economy”

Author: Hamideh Emrani, 10/31/16

Day 3 of the Till & McCulloch Meetings continued with many interesting talks. The one that I have chosen to write about in more detail Dr. Douglas Sipp’s, titled “The Stem Cell Dark Economy.” I think his talk was really thought provoking, and important to be shared with our readers. He began with an old…Read more

Right Turn: A not-so definitive RM holiday book list

Author: Stacey Johnson, 12/19/14

. Ah, the holidays. Fodder for journalists and bloggers alike. Last year, I brought you two themed blogs: an idea for a unique Christmas present – by the way, it’s on sale if you order now – and a list of movies and TV shows “about” regenerative medicine (RM) to watch when you have downtime….Read more

Right Turn: Why you should vote for Stem Cell Person of the Year

Author: Lisa Willemse, 10/10/14

> We assume there is no real argument to be made here. It’s more than just popularity or who has been in the news most often over the past year. The annual call for nominations and the selection of Stem Cell Person of the Year by readers of Paul Knoepfler’s blog – a.k.a. the stem cell…Read more

Craving stem cells? An Insider’s Guide satisfies, leaves you wanting more

Author: Alessandra Pasut, 11/28/13

> There’s no better pleasure in life than to satisfy our own cravings. Whether it’s a food craving or something else, there’s no peace for the soul, at least mine, till that need is quenched. And for those of us who find themselves longing for (more) stem cells, Paul Knoepfler’s recently-released book, Stem Cells: An…Read more

Mountains in Banff: From theoretical stem cells to the real deal

Author: Guest, 10/25/13

Guest post by Paul Knoepfler, cross-posted on This morning I particularly enjoyed a talk by Sui Huang [ed note: this talk also discussed here] focused on the application of mathematics as a tool to understand cell behavior and fate. I love this stuff! I just wish I was better at math and physics so…Read more

Jailbreaking cell fate reprograms to multiple stem cell types says Nagy

Author: Guest, 10/24/13

Guest post by Paul Knoepfler, cross-posted on You can jailbreak your iPhone, but perhaps you can jailbreak a cell too to turn it into a stem cell. In his very cool talk up here at the Till & McCulloch Meeting on Stem Cells yesterday, Andras Nagy characterized the reprogramming process to make iPS cells as “jailbreaking”…Read more

Jacob Hanna on Radically Deterministic Reprogramming @TMM2013

Author: Guest, 10/23/13

Guest post by Paul Knoepfler, cross-posted on What is “radically deterministic” cellular reprogramming? Jacob Hanna’s lab recently published a very high profile Nature paper on nearly 100% efficient iPS cell formation based on targeting a factor called Mbd3. This super efficiency is a major departure from past reported efficiencies. This morning here at the…Read more

Alberta bound: 6 reasons to follow the Till & McCulloch Meetings

Author: Lisa Willemse, 10/21/13

> If the thought of majestic mountains, impossibly blue skies and natural hot springs isn’t enough to put Banff, Alberta into your calendar this week, then perhaps this preview of the Till & McCulloch Meetings will change your mind. This is the second iteration of the Till & McCulloch Meetings (the first one took place…Read more