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Right Turn: Valentine’s Day and the scientist

Author: Stacey Johnson, 02/03/17

The clock is ticking. Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. If you are flying solo this Valentine’s Day, I give you permission to stop reading here. (But it may be worth your while to stick around a little longer; remember the trend of single women buying diamond rings for themselves?) Valentine’s Day, despite…Read more

Right Turn: Scientists on vacation

Author: Stacey Johnson, 09/02/16

As you may know, I’m not a scientist but I do occasionally go on vacation. While I do hope you miss my musings this week, I’ve left you with a little something that might make you smile. And in the event you were on vacation last week and missed Signals’ very successful blog carnival to…Read more

Ethics for early career stem cell researchers – are we missing a trick?

Author: David Kent, 05/31/16

Throughout the last decade, I have undertaken research in the stem cell field in two countries (Canada and the United Kingdom) and while my work has never involved the ethically contentious human embryonic stem (ES) cell lines, I have interacted with dozens of scientists whose research does involve ES cells. If you ever ask the…Read more

Right Turn: Making science sexy again

Author: Stacey Johnson, 12/04/15

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s “hot” new prime minister, is getting Canadian scientists all worked up – in a good way. For the first time in nearly ten years, the scientific community has a passionate champion in Ottawa ready to undress – sorry unmuzzle – federal scientists and “bring scientific considerations into all aspects of their decision…Read more

Right Turn: Delivering your quick fix one Friday at a time

Author: Stacey Johnson, 08/23/13

. After a summer of interning at CCRM, English major and PR convert Erin Sugar has learned a great deal about the world of regenerative medicine and the behavior of scientists. Her final Right Turn has me wondering what she actually took away from working with us. Stumbling upon an article on the comical and…Read more