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A complete (re)program to recognize the 10-year anniversary of iPSCs

Author: Stacey Johnson, 08/25/16

Ten years ago today, Japanese scientists Shinya Yamanaka and Kazutoshi Takahashi published a paper announcing the creation of rodent induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, thus pioneering the field of iPS cell technology. They showed that they could convert adult cells into pluripotent stem cells – in other words, they reprogrammed them to look and function…Read more

The stem cell therapy’s obstacle course

Author: Jovana Drinjakovic, 08/25/16

Science fiction became real life in September 2014, when a team of eye surgeons in Japan transplanted a body part, grown entirely in a dish, into the eye of a patient suffering from an eye disease. The retinal graft came from the patient’s skin cells, raising hopes that one day our own bodies could be…Read more

Steady progress and more interesting science – 10 years of iPS cells

Author: David Kent, 08/25/16

One of the most memorable moments of my young scientist career was a Keystone Conference in February 2006 in Whistler, BC where I first heard Professor Shinya Yamanaka describe the successful reprogramming of a skin cell into an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC). I’ve written about this moment on Signals before and taken on the…Read more

Blog carnival update: Topic and bloggers revealed!

Author: Stacey Johnson, 08/18/16

In case you missed it: Signals is hosting its first “blog carnival” on August 25, 2016. What is that you ask? Think of a blog carnival as a single venue hosting a variety of entertainment. In this case, the “entertainment” are posts from influential bloggers across the stem cell research community all blogging on the…Read more

Right Turn: He wants a clone

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/10/15

. Who doesn’t love a science lesson communicated through song? (That’s rhetorical; there’s no need to leave a comment below.) Mr. W., aka Glenn Wolkenfeld, has been educating and enthralling high school students and ended up with a teaching excellence prize. Here he is rapping his thank you speech at the Alameda County Teacher of…Read more

Right Turn: 30th anniversary of ‘Stem Cell Rapper’

Author: Stacey Johnson, 07/12/13

. Jonathan Garlick, a professor at Tufts University near Boston, has been helping students connect to science through original rap lyrics that he composes and sings in class. Professor Garlick says rapping curriculum “immediately creates a common language that didn’t exist before.” ( Apparently he finds it quite simple too. “All the words rhyme with…Read more

View from the floor: ISSCR 2103 day 4

Author: Lisa Willemse, 06/17/13

. Kudos to ISSCR for pulling off what I think is the best annual conference to date (or at least in the last six years, which is how long I’ve been attending). Sure, you could say that the record attendance (over 4,100) is a marker of success, but it’s much more than a numbers game…Read more

View from the floor: #ISSCR2013 day 2

Author: Lisa Willemse, 06/14/13

. Those watching the triple overtime hockey game or hitting one of the evening networking events will have found it an early morning on day 2. Fortunately, there were some fantastic talks to keep everyone awake, including a new Patient Advocate Address that was very well received by attendees. Here’s a snapshot of what happened…Read more

Fulfilling our pluripotential: iPS cells 6 years on

Author: Natasha Davie, 10/17/12

It has taken just six years since the release of his seminal publication on the genetic reprogramming of human somatic cells for Shinya Yamanaka to be awarded the most prestigious of all accolades: the Nobel Prize. Compare that to his co-recipient, Sir John B. Gurdon, whose critical paper was first published 50 years ago in…Read more

View from the floor: ISSCR day 3

Author: Ben Paylor, 06/18/11

Shinya Yamanaka, vice president of the ISSCR, soon-to-be McEwen Centre Award for Innovation recipient, and a leader in the field of iPS cell generation, opened day three of the 2011 ISSCR conference with a presentation titled “Induction of Pluripotency by Defined Factors”. The main hall was surprisingly crowded at 9:00 am given the somewhat rowdy Junior Investigator Night…Read more