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Interspecies generation of insulin producing cells now a reality

Author: David Kent, 03/01/17

From science fiction novelists through to medical doctors and industry leaders, a huge amount of attention has been given to the idea of growing human organs for transplantation in large farm animals like pigs and sheep. The need for organs to transplant into patients is one driving motivation (~5000 patients waiting in Canada alone), but…Read more

Studying the brain needs an “open mind”

Author: Hamideh Emrani, 10/21/15

Another in the series: “What Drives Research in the Field of Biomaterials?” The amazingly complex system of the brain, and its network of many different cell types interacting and functioning together, has always been “top of mind” – pardon the pun – for many researchers. It is just a little over 10 years since Professor…Read more

New technologies in stem cell biology and a call to reach back in time

Author: David Kent, 03/22/11

I recently attended a special conference on Stem Cells, Development, and Cancer run by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) where Connie Eaves from the British Columbia Cancer Agency chaired a session entitled “Emerging Technologies” and said something that rang very true to me. She challenged the audience to read the papers from their…Read more