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Right Turn: End of an era, almost

Author: Lisa Willemse, 03/27/15

> This is my final post as co-editor of Signals, and in sitting down to draft it, I found myself struggling to find words. How do you sum up six years of blogging? Quite simply, you don’t. However, as this also marks the end of the Stem Cell Network’s involvement with Signals, it was suggested…Read more

Using cell circuits to program cellular outcomes

Author: David Kent, 10/29/14

> One of my favourite things about the Till and McCulloch Meetings (#TMM2014) is the careful thought that goes into session organization. The balance of basic science, ethics, engineering, and industrial and clinical applications has always been a nice feature of the meeting. Having just listened to the speakers in the Systems, Synthetic & Applied Stem…Read more

What not to miss at #TMM2014

Author: Lisa Willemse, 10/20/14

> Next week, close to 500 researchers, clinicians, trainees, industry and government representatives will gather in Ottawa for some of the best the stem cell and regenerative medicine research community has to offer. The third Till & McCulloch Meetings is taking place over three days, October 27-29 and we’re going with the theme of three…Read more

Cell Therapy Industry 2027: It’s not all about therapies

Author: David Brindley, 10/25/13

. Nestled in the bosom of the Canadian Rockies, the global regenerative medicine community is assembled. Coaches laden with young investigators sporting impractically packed posters and drawn, jet lagged expressions are arriving in a steady procession. The usually sleepy pre-ski-season Banff is energized by stellar stem cell science and the expectation of its translation into…Read more

Day 1 at #TMM2013: Hongkui Deng breaks down iPS cells

Author: David Kent, 10/23/13

> Set in the beautiful mountain setting of Banff National Park, the first hours of the Till and McCulloch meeting have not disappointed. Our morning plenary began with an excellent historical perspective from Shin-Ichi Nishikawa on the origins of blood stem cells and rolled on through an excellent series of talks on epigenetic regulation and…Read more

Jacob Hanna on Radically Deterministic Reprogramming @TMM2013

Author: Guest, 10/23/13

Guest post by Paul Knoepfler, cross-posted on What is “radically deterministic” cellular reprogramming? Jacob Hanna’s lab recently published a very high profile Nature paper on nearly 100% efficient iPS cell formation based on targeting a factor called Mbd3. This super efficiency is a major departure from past reported efficiencies. This morning here at the…Read more

Right Turn: Tips for the novice conference goer

Author: Stacey Johnson, 09/06/13

. Canada’s premier stem cell research event, the Till and McCulloch Meetings, is just around the corner.  It seems like a fitting time to introduce you to Ph.Diddy, a creation of Life Technologies Corp – coincidentally a conference sponsor. Ph.Diddy has pre-conference jitters about having to present his poster to his community of researchers, probably…Read more

View from the floor 6: Research outside of academia

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 05/16/12

Commercialization plenary summary: part 4 of 4 The last speaker of the commercialization plenary at the Till and McCulloch Meetings earlier this month was Dr. Stephen Minger from GE Healthcare, who shared GE’s perspective regarding the therapeutic and research potential of human stem cells. Previous to his role at GE Healthcare, Minger was the director…Read more

View from the floor 5: Pushing the boundaries with technology

Author: David Kent, 05/08/12

  The final day of the 2012 Till and McCulloch Meetings was packed with great science, but a common theme definitely emerged – technological advances are changing the way we think about and perform scientific research. Keynote speaker Helen Blau issued a warning about trying to mimic the stem cell niche outside the body, using an entertaining…Read more

Till & McCulloch Meetings 2012: Lessons to learn from leukemic stem cells

Author: Guest, 05/07/12

  by Alexey Bersenev The first plenary session of the Till & McCulloch Meetings was dedicated to cancer stem cells. John Dick opened the session by asking a question: “Stem cells in cancer: do they matter?” He is always ahead of time, very precise and innovative and I think cancer stem cell researchers can learn…Read more