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Right Turn: Stem cells, like children, are a labour of love

Author: Stacey Johnson, 03/17/17

For many Canadians with kids, we’re nearing the end of March Break – a holiday from school for elementary- and secondary school-aged children. Whether you’re travelling or at home this week, you’ve spent lots of quality time with your children and this new video from a group at Cambridge may really resonate with you. According…Read more

Here’s a (r)evolutionary idea: using stem cells to study differences in species

Author: Holly Wobma, 05/16/16

At the crossroad of developmental biology and tissue engineering, there is a group of scientists trying to delicately coax stem cells down a specific path. In the metaphoric sense, they are most interested in how the nature of their cells evolves over time. But what if stem cells could teach us something about evolution itself?…Read more