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All business (no hype) in commercializing regenerative medicine

Author: Stacey Johnson, 09/26/12

My grandmother, at 97, is excited about stem cell research because she sees the possibilities. Regenerative medicine IS an exciting field. It’s on the cutting edge of science and fans and critics alike debate its merits regularly in the press and in blogs. Every day, we read stories with headlines that proclaim stem cells will…Read more

Stem cells: The quiescent issue in US elections

Author: Paul Krzyzanowski, 09/20/12

As 2012 slowly creeps on we can finally see November’s Presidential Election in the United States on the horizon marking the end of a nineteen month-long election process, which feels like an eternity compared to Canada’s last election, which lasted all of 38 days. Yet during all this time, debates regarding stem cell research — one of the…Read more

Will stem cells eventually outperform pharmaceuticals or will they come to Big Pharma’s rescue?

Author: Angela C. H. McDonald, 09/11/12

You don’t have to follow pharmaceutical industry news to know that this summer has been a disappointing one for Alzheimer’s research. Many major media outlets covered the failure of potential Alzheimer’s drug bapineuzumab (Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson) in Phase II/III clinical trials, announced earlier this summer. Another disappointment came late last month with the report of…Read more

Q: So what’s up with research? A: It’s complicated.

Author: Lisa Willemse, 09/06/12

It seems to me that the number of media stories on stem cell clinical trials (not just preclinical work) is on the increase. Take, for example, news last month of a new clinical trial to test cord blood stem cells as a treatment for autism. This particular announcement was met with a wide range of…Read more