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Right Turn: A Halloween gift that keeps on giving (and we’re not talking about cloning)

Author: Stacey Johnson, 10/31/14

. Hobgoblins, hocus pocus, hayrides and haunted houses…Happy Halloween! Do those words conjure up a feeling of dread or does a wave of happiness wash over you when you hear Happy Halloween? Perhaps more relevant here, does the word Halloween ever make you think of stem cells? Stem cells and Halloween don’t typically go together…Read more

Trainee talks – where you hear about the really cool stuff

Author: David Kent, 10/30/14

> One of the consistent themes of the Till and McCulloch Meetings (#TMM2014) is its commitment to having students and postdocs on stage presenting their work. These sessions have been regularly cited by my colleagues as the most interesting and engaging sessions with the most new data. The last few meetings they have called these…Read more

Using cell circuits to program cellular outcomes

Author: David Kent, 10/29/14

> One of my favourite things about the Till and McCulloch Meetings (#TMM2014) is the careful thought that goes into session organization. The balance of basic science, ethics, engineering, and industrial and clinical applications has always been a nice feature of the meeting. Having just listened to the speakers in the Systems, Synthetic & Applied Stem…Read more

How relationships and collaboration breed scientific breakthroughs

Author: David Kent, 10/28/14

> Last month, Signals re-posted a blog entry of mine from The Black Hole where I lamented the lack of teamwork in the life sciences. There are, however, always exceptions and I want to highlight one such exception that took the field of blood stem cell expansion by storm last month. It was also presented…Read more

Right Turn: New StemCellShorts illuminates cancer stem cells

Author: Ben Paylor, 10/24/14

> Just over one year ago, we launched the pilot phase of an animation project titled StemCellShorts here on Signals blog. Funded by a Stem Cell Network Public Outreach Award, the project was very much an experiment for us to see what would happen when you tasked a team of talented creatives, expert faculty and…Read more

What not to miss at #TMM2014

Author: Lisa Willemse, 10/20/14

> Next week, close to 500 researchers, clinicians, trainees, industry and government representatives will gather in Ottawa for some of the best the stem cell and regenerative medicine research community has to offer. The third Till & McCulloch Meetings is taking place over three days, October 27-29 and we’re going with the theme of three…Read more

Right Turn: “Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful”

Author: Stacey Johnson, 10/17/14

. I don’t disagree with that quote by educator and humanitarian Helen Keller, a woman who overcame her inability to see, hear and speak, and graduated from college in 1904. However, I’m extremely squeamish when it comes to eyes. Perhaps it started in grade 8 science class when we had to dissect a cow’s eye…?…Read more

Update from the Clinic: September

Author: Mark Curtis, 10/14/14

. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of September. There’s a mixture of news from the cancer stem cell companies and immunotherapy companies this past month. Amongst other things, the FDA removed the previously imposed partial hold on one of OncoMed’s therapeutics; Opexa Therapeutics announced its next therapeutic program; and, Harvard…Read more

Right Turn: Why you should vote for Stem Cell Person of the Year

Author: Lisa Willemse, 10/10/14

> We assume there is no real argument to be made here. It’s more than just popularity or who has been in the news most often over the past year. The annual call for nominations and the selection of Stem Cell Person of the Year by readers of Paul Knoepfler’s blog – a.k.a. the stem cell…Read more

Regenerative Medicine Deal Review: September

Author: Mark Curtis, 10/09/14

Welcome to your deal review for the month of September. There was some healthy news flow around cell-based immunotherapy companies this past month, heating up a space that is already ablaze with activity. Undoubtedly the company that took the spotlight was Adaptimmune, which completed a venture capital (VC) round of over $100 million! The money…Read more