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Enabling technologies are helping regenerative medicine to succeed

Author: Stacey Johnson, 04/11/17

Earlier this year, the University of Toronto’s Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME) published its Annual Report, chock full of impressive numbers about enrolment, new programs and research published by its esteemed faculty. (If you’re curious, you can read it for yourself.) In response, I summarized the regenerative medicine research here. But I only…Read more

Organ transplantation: Using biomaterials to prevent immune rejection

Author: Guest, 01/26/16

Samantha is a PhD student in the Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry department at the University of Toronto. She has previously investigated regeneration in a non-mammalian gecko model during an MSc program, and now currently combines stem cell biology and biomaterials to encapsulate and deliver therapeutic cells to the stroke-injured brain. Samantha became interested in…Read more

Right Turn: Like a kid’s science show, but for grownups

Author: Stacey Johnson, 09/05/14

. Jordan Green, a biomedical engineer from Johns Hopkins, has a way with words. And toys. He’s like a Mister Rogers (American) or Mr. Dressup (Canadian) for adults. He has a complicated idea to convey, so borrowing from the best children’s entertainers around, he uses colourful props that perfectly suit his friendly demeanor. Dr. Green’s…Read more

Scientists lose the paper cranes and become experts in nucleic acid origami for siRNA delivery

Author: Angela C. H. McDonald, 08/13/12

It takes precision, focus and persistence to perfect the art of origami. So perhaps it is no accident that researchers have needed to apply the same skills to overcome challenges in siRNA delivery, right down to the folding. A couple of years ago, my fellow blogger Paul Krzyzanowski introduced us to RNA interference (RNAi) technology….Read more

17-year-old high school student makes a cancer stem cell breakthrough

Author: Stem Cell Network, 12/14/11

When we report on breakthroughs in stem cell research, we typically link to well-funded studies published in peer-reviewed journals by world-renowned scientists. This time, it’s a little different. Angela Zhang, a high school senior from Cupertino, California, was awarded a $100,000 scholarship for her submission to the 2011 Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology:…Read more