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Patrick Blit

Patrick Blit is a Development Scientist for the Biomaterials & Devices Platform at the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM). He has been involved in the areas of biomaterials and regenerative medicine since the summer of 2001, when he had the opportunity to study artificial heart valves at the Toronto General Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. He completed both his bachelor and doctorate degrees in biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto, where he worked on the surface modification of polyurethane scaffolds for vascular applications. He then made his way to Paris, France, to pursue a post-doctoral position in a cardiovascular bioengineering centre at the ‘Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM)’. Back in Toronto at the Sunnybrook Research Institute, Patrick worked as a research fellow on developing novel biomaterial/stem cell-based therapeutic platforms for wound healing. In addition to his research interests, Patrick also has deep-rooted beliefs in the role of scientific innovation in global health initiatives, an interest which was reinforced after spending time as a student delegate at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Right Turn: Regenerative Architecture?

. Regenerative architecture is an architectural discipline that explores the use of novel designs for the goal of producing sustainable structures that minimize the impact on our planet. You’re probably thinking that bamboo flooring is an example of this and you wouldn’t be completely wrong. In a 2010 TED talk, architect, designer and all-around creative […]

Novel biomaterial devices provide a breath of fresh air

  The promise and potential of stem cell therapy has garnered much attention from the media over the years. Countless stories have been reported of groundbreaking stem cell research and that these discoveries are likely to change the way we conduct health care. However, sometimes stem cells alone aren’t enough. Don’t get me wrong: I […]

Lego® and biomaterials: the building blocks of life

When I was a child, I would sit on my living room floor playing with my Lego set for hours on end. I recall building police cars, giant spaceships and all kinds of other amazing structures. My weekend mornings always began the same way: I would dump my box of Legos onto the floor and […]