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Roshan Yoganathan

Dr. Roshan Yoganathan is a subject matter expert in the area of biomaterials for cancer therapy and regenerative medicine applications with over 5 years of start-up experience in the area of combination products and class III medical devices. During his tenure at CCRM he was promoted from Development Scientist to Project Manager/Scientist and responsible for leading the Biomaterials and Devices platform. Roshan has also held several postdoctoral appointments such as Senior Postdoctoral researcher at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) (Sydney, Australia) and a Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship with Receptor Therapeutics and the University of Toronto (UofT). His scholarly route started with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at UofT, then a Masters and PhD in Biomedical Engineering, both at UNSW. The focus of much of his work has been on the use of biomaterials for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications. In his spare time he enjoys playing sports, and is known to be an avid volleyball, badminton and basketball player.

Posts by: Roshan

Right Turn: Time to stop the bleeding

Recently Revmedx, a pioneer in the biomaterial wound dressing field, made some waves with the commercialization of its product XStatTM . XStatTM received a lot of press because of its FDA approval for use against gunshot wounds and shrapnel-related injuries in the battlefield. It is used to help stop the bleeding and help sustain the […]

Right Turn: Heart in a box – are we there yet?

. I’m not sure many of you are die-hard biomaterial fans like me, but there was a shot heard around the biomaterial world when Canada’s very own Professor Michael Sefton, at the University of Toronto, proposed creating a heart in a box. He made the claim nearly ten years ago. I bring this up now […]

Biomimicry, bioadhesion and Dr. Jeffrey Karp: He’s a natural at what he does

. This past weekend I was watching the Superbowl, along with millions of North Americans,not to see the Seahawks beat down the Broncos, but for all the must-see million dollar commercials. The one commercial that stood out to me was the Geico commercial with the gecko. The gecko is an interesting creature with many extraordinary […]

At the forefront of biomaterial research

. The work by Joe Landolina and Suneris Inc., highlighted by Stacey Johnson in her recent post, helps bring to the forefront the industry’s motivation to utilize “smart biomaterials”. The Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine has been researching smart biomaterials that could be used to treat soldiers injured in the field. Photo: Flickr Commons […]

Biomaterial gels: Some surprising uses for water

Only in the fictional land of Oz does water cause witches to melt. In the real world, water is essential to life and a valuable resource. Scientifically known as H2O, it is used to irrigate crops and even to enlarge/swell biomaterial gels (more on that later). As a biomaterials scientist, I’m particularly interested in the […]