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In May 2012, the Stem Cell Network (SCN) and the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) launched Signals Blog, an evolution of SCN’s popular Stem Cell Network Blog and the brainchild of Lisa Willemse, Director of Communications at SCN. Beyond common interests, the partnership addressed a transitional need for SCN: Finding a suitable partner to assume management of the blog after SCN’s wind-down on March 31, 2015. The recently established CCRM was the ideal partner.

And here we are, March 31, 2015.

The vision for Signals was for it to be an expanded version of SCN’s blog, with the same great stem cell bloggers on board and the addition of biomaterials and commercialization bloggers to cover the areas of expertise that CCRM would add to this new venture. Although SCN will no longer be involved, with three awards to Signals’ credit, CCRM has no plans to change a formula that is already working very well. Signals will continue to offer an insiders’ perspective on the world of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

I expect a seamless transition from two publishers to one and heartily thank Lisa for her vision, leadership and expertise every step of the way. Signals might not exist if it weren’t for Lisa’s eagerness to hop on the blogging bandwagon way back in 2009, and her hard work was instrumental in making this blog a reality.

In my very first post I was complaining of feeling like a fish out of water at CCRM (or more appropriately, a cell without its media). What I didn’t admit was that it was also my first time blogging, never mind publishing a blog. As I’ve acclimatized to my work environment and learned a thing or 200 about regenerative medicine, I’ve had the pleasure of helping to turn Signals into something special. I look forward to continuing that tradition, although I will miss Lisa being only a phone call or email away.

Thank you, reader, for spending time with us. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts in the comments section. I’m always looking to featured talented guest bloggers, so please write to me if you’re interested in contributing.

I’ll give Lisa the last word. If you missed her farewell post last week, you can read it here.

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Stacey Johnson

Stacey Johnson

For almost 20 years, Stacey has been providing strategic communications counsel to government, corporate, technology and health organizations. Prior to that, Stacey was at the CTV Television Network, first as a researcher, then as a story producer for “Goldhawk Fights Back,” a special ombudsman segment that aired weekly on the National News and Canada AM. Before joining CCRM as the Director, Communications and Marketing, Stacey was the Director of Communications for the Canadian Arthritis Network. Stacey is editor of Signals. You can follow Stacey on Twitter @msstaceyerin.