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If you are a loyal reader of Right Turn (thank you!) then you will know that I scour the Internet looking for unique, thought-provoking, clever, peculiar (with a mega star thrown in to the mix), educational, funny, odd, intriguing – I could go on – items to feature. And let’s not forget all the excellent parody videos. Often, the items cover more than one category, like the stem cell rapper (clever and educational).

Sometimes I just bring you good science communicated well. Today, I’m not doing that. I am pulling something from the odd and unique file: a stem cell flash mob, something I haven’t come across before. Just to be clear, this flash mob is meant to BE a heart stem cell showing how it regenerates to repair heart disease. Definitely unique. You can decide for yourself if it is also odd.



In a related effort thematically, the manufacturing department of Vancouver-based STEMCELL Technologies choreographed a flash mob as their entry to the company’s 2011 video competition, but that’s not quite the same thing.



My pick for the oddest Right Turn ever has to be dance of the stem cell fairies.

I’m always happy to receive content that you believe is worth sharing. If it makes me laugh, you have an even better chance of me using it.

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Stacey Johnson

Stacey Johnson

For almost 20 years, Stacey has been providing strategic communications counsel to government, corporate, technology and health organizations. Prior to that, Stacey was at the CTV Television Network, first as a researcher, then as a story producer for “Goldhawk Fights Back,” a special ombudsman segment that aired weekly on the National News and Canada AM. Before joining CCRM as the Director, Communications and Marketing, Stacey was the Director of Communications for the Canadian Arthritis Network. Stacey is editor of Signals. You can follow Stacey on Twitter @msstaceyerin.