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The word out of Ontario has been very positive of late. Despite the difficult financial times, the 2009-2010 provincial budget contained a number of new measures including: $300 million in new capital funds over six years for research infrastructure to be leveraged against the federal Canada Foundation for Innovation, $250 million over five years for a new Emerging Technologies Fund, $100 million in additional operating funds over four years for biomedical and genomics-related research, and $390 million to match Ontario’s share of the federal Green Infrastructure Fund.

In addition, Ontario has earmarked funds to support projects focusing on large, international science projects, like the International Regulome Consortium (IRC). While the details are still forthcoming, these are positive steps forward in genomics research that help to offset funding setbacks in other areas. The IRC continues to be well supported by other Government of Canada agencies, including the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Canada Research Chairs program, and the Networks of Centres of Excellence program that supports Canada’s Stem Cell Network.