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Stem cells and high throughput screening

High-throughput screening, in which many cell culture conditions can be tested using a combination of robotics, control software, and/or highly sensitive detection, allows researchers to explore new ideas quickly; thousands of combinations can be efficiently tested for toxicity, cell viability, proliferation or differentiation. Recently, high throughput screening was used to search a library of over […]

Fluid shear stress promotes cell differentiation

The transplantation of stem cells for use in regenerative medicine, where diseased or degenerated tissue is replaced with a new cell source, is an exciting field of research. However, prior to the implementation of a cell therapy, large amounts of cells will be required, and a consistent protocol for the development of functional cells, in […]

Vascularization: A tissue engineering roadblock

There are currently over 100,000 people in the United States on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Between January and March of 2010, fewer than 7,000 patients received transplants. Imagine, as an alternative to donated live tissue, a tissue-engineered alternative, such as a bioartificial liver or pancreas. Tissue engineered products could substantially decrease the […]

Cartilage tissue engineering

In the body, cartilage has minimal potential to heal itself once damaged, as the tissue is not naturally exposed to a blood supply, and is then prevented from benefiting from the body’s immune response and wound healing capabilities. By using a tissue engineering approach, researchers hope to develop replacement cartilage that can be transplanted into […]

Scaling up stem cells for clinical use

The potential gains from stem cell research are unlimited; stem cells could be used to replace degenerated cells and tissue in the human body. However, the large scale implementation of stem cell therapy to a clinical setting will require the establishment of a reliable and controllable method of expanding and differentiating the cells. While one […]