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Dr. David Kent is a Principal Investigator at the University of Cambridge in the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute ( His laboratory's research focuses on fate choice in single blood stem cells and how changes in their regulation lead to cancers. David is currently the Stem Cell Institute’s Public Engagement Champion and has a long history of public engagement and outreach including the creation of The Black Hole in 2009. He has been writing for Signals since 2010.

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The need for high quality public engagement in the regenerative medicine field

In my last post, I drew our readers’ attention to an excellent article by Giulio Cossu and colleagues on stem cells and regenerative medicine where the authors set out a number of recommendations for the regenerative medicine field. One of those recommendations was surprising (and very welcomed): “Researchers and others involved in funding, publishing, and […]

Evaluating stem cell therapies: “Small trials and difficult statistics”

Over the Christmas break, I finally got around to reading an article that has been in my “to read” pile for far too long. For anybody new to the regenerative medicine and cellular therapy fields, it is an absolutely fantastic resource to catch up on some of the biggest issues. “Lancet Commission: Stem cells and […]

Valuing the good, the bad and the ugly

As with all of my posts that relate to anything that might end up being a medical treatment, it is important to be very clear that I am scientist and not a physician.  My comments are my own opinion and based on my experience as a stem cell biologist over the last 10+ years. This […]

Location, location, location – stem cells need the right neighbours

Last month two papers created a pretty big wave in the blood stem cell field: Work from Harvard Medical School and Cornell University showed that functional human blood stem cells could be created from reprogrammed cells. While it is most certainly the closest that researchers have come to creating blood stem cells in large numbers […]

Major League Baseball Pitchers and “Stem Cell” therapy

With the Toronto Blue Jays* off to a terrible start, I was almost dissuaded from reading anything about baseball, until I happened upon the following article: “Stem-cell therapy is poised to disrupt the Tommy John epidemic in baseball.” First, I had to do my standard “fake news” check by triangulating the sources, readings, etc., but […]