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Erin Sugar has returned to the land of business savvy scientists once more as a communications coordinator at the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM). A recent BAH English Literature graduate from Queen’s University, Erin is on a mission to integrate herself fully into the stem cell and regenerative medicine (RM) community by scouring the deepest and darkest corners of the web. Here to make sure you are not left in the dark about the lighter side of RM news and culture, Erin delivers Right Turns that satisfy the most multifarious of cravings. You can reach Erin at

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Right Turn: Stem cell researchers develop more than undifferentiated stem cells at StemCellTalks Toronto

The eighth annual Toronto StemCellTalks (SCT) symposium took place on March 10, 2017, in Toronto’s urban innovation hub (and CCRM’s new home), MaRS Discovery District. SCT is a national stem cell biology outreach program for high school students in partnership with Let’s Talk Science and the Stem Cell Network. (CCRM is also a proud national […]

Right turn: Who said science and creativity had to be mutually exclusive?

Beautiful things can happen when you combine science, art and technology. (Think STEAM!) Contemporary dancer Paige Fraser has teamed up with Intel to create an artistic piece that uses 18 Intel RealSense cameras to display a whimsical 3D reflection that mimicks her real-life dancing. “The future’s bright when we figure out how to bring together […]

Right Turn: In a year of cool tech, regenerative medicine made the list

January is a month of resolutions. Whether it be dieting, exercising or finally taking up that project that you said you would begin a year ago, it is a month that typically sparks improvement. (By the way, how are your visits to the gym going?) While January marks the beginning of a new year and […]

Right Turn: Sparking STEM cells interest at Super Cells

. Walking through the doors of MaRS Discovery District’s Phase II building in Toronto, Canada brings visitors face to face with Super Cells: The Power of Stem Cells, a free, award-winning exhibition with the purpose of educating children and teens, ages 4-14, about stem cells, the process of scientific research and aspects of working in […]

Right Turn: What we can learn from a dancing doctor

. When he’s not roaming hospital corridors, Dr. Adnan Khera, an anesthesiology resident at Boston’s Tufts Medical Center, can be found dancing on the city streets two nights a week. But he’s not dancing for fame, he’s earning money for his charity “Doctor Be Dancing” which has raised more than $5,000 for several charities over […]