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A few weeks ago I blogged about the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision on the constitutional validity of several sections of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, Canada’s assisted reproduction and embryo research legislation. I am currently preparing a paper for the Health Law Review looking at the impact of the decision on activities regulated by the Act. The paper includes a table based on the decision that tracks the current regulatory status of various regulated clinical and research activities. Click on the image below or follow this link for an advance preview of the table (note: printing and copying is disabled).

Post AHRA reference paper

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Ubaka Ogbogu

Ubaka Ogbogu is an Assistant Professor and the Katz Group Research Fellow in Health Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta. His teaching and research interests include health law, law and biotechnology, law and bioethics, science and regulation, and legal history. Ubaka is a former SCN trainee and a recipient of the SCN Canadian Alumni Award. He has done extensive research work on the ethical, legal and social issues associated with stem cell research, and continues to research and publish in this area. Ubaka holds law degrees at the bachelors and masters levels from the University of Benin in Nigeria and the University of Alberta, and is currently in the process of completing a doctorate in law at the University of Toronto. His doctoral work focuses on the legal history of early health care and biotechnology policies in Canada, particularly in relation to smallpox vaccination and infectious diseases.